Whatever Weds. Flatirons

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Have you heard of or been to the Flatirons outside of Boulder, CO? I had never heard of them before, but I ran across an article or review of them while researching “things to do in and around Denver”. The hikes sounded interesting and pretty so we added this destination to our itinerary.

It was just over an hours drive from our hotel so we got up early had breakfast at the hotel then headed out for Chautauqua Park in Boulder, CO. That’s where we’d find the Flatirons. They’re rock formations that back in the 1900’s were know as the Chautauqua Slabs, and later they were called the Crags… Wikipedia.

They do resemble clothes irons. They’re numbered 1 through 5. The big one in front is number 1.

The Flatirons

Upon arriving and reading the trail map we discovered a big sign notifying hikers that the trail we hoped to hike was closed for repairs, so Plan B. We hiked up this trail in the image above and caught the Bluebell-Baird trail which made a nice loop and a great stretch the legs hike.

Ready? Let’s go I’ll show some of what I saw along the way.

The wide open space soon changed to a dense forest.

Bluebell-Baird Trail

There were still some wildflowers in bloom. I think this is Narrow Goldenrod, but I’m not positive. Any one know for sure? I apologize for the missed focus. My iPhone and I weren’t having a good moment with focus. 😂

Narrow Goldenrod ?

We walked around a bend in the trail and on both sides of the trail were cairns! I can’t recall seeing so many in one place before!

Cairns, cairns, cairns!

There are so many! More than fit in my frame. The park had fenced off both sides of this area but, if you know me and rocks…you just know what happened next. Shhh! Don’t tell anybody, but I had to, HAD TO add a rock to a cairn. This one.

Added one rock on top. Cairn Bluebell-Baird Trail Chautauqua Park

Then before we knew it we out in the open again. Here’s a little view of Boulder, CO.

It’s all downhill from here. Before we finish up let’s take a look behind us shall we?

Flatiron 1

Geoolgy Fun Facts:

The Flatirons consist of conglomeratic sandstone of the Fountain Formation. Geologists estimate the age of these rocks as 290 to 296 million years; they were lifted and tilted into their present orientation between 35 and 80 million years ago, during the Laramide Orogeny. The Flatirons were subsequently exposed by erosion. Other manifestations of the Fountain Formation can be found in many places along the Colorado Front Range, including Garden of the Gods near Colorado SpringsRoxborough State Park in Douglas County, and Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Morrison.”~ Wikipedia

I’d like to go back to this park one day and hike the trail that was closed. From here we headed to Estes Park the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. More on that in a future post.

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more to come…

Friday’s Feathered Friends- Rock Wren in Red Rocks Park

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Hi! He-Man and I are home from a trip to the Denver, CO area for a wedding and vacation.

I haven’t uploaded too many images from the week yet, but here’s a little Rock Wren I spied while hiking in Red Rocks Park on the Red Rocks Trail. It was hunting for breakfast in a fenced off maintenance area just off the trail.

Rock Wren

Our last night there we had a lovely sunset …the first one all week actually. I grabbed a quick shot through our hotel room’s window.


Then I went down stairs to make an image of the courtyard with an evening blue sky and clouds behind it. I hoped for more sunset color but, it was too cloudy.

We had a great time, and visited several beautiful parks which I’ll be sharing images of soon.

I’ll be catching up with laundry, mail, and your blogs. What have I missed?

Happy Friday and week-end everyone!

Fuji X-T3| Fujinon 100-400mm & 16-80mm| PS CC 22.5.0

more to come…

Whatever Weds. A Montage

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A really neat feature about the iPhone is it will take images if there are enough of them in a timeframe and create a montage of them in video format.  I love this feature.

It created a video of some of the images I made while in London over the Holiday break.

I apologize in advance for the tilted horizons.  A videographer I am not, but I hope you enjoy the sights around London, Windsor, and museums.

iPhone 7Plus| iMovie

more to come…

Sunset from the Balcony

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Copyright © 2017 Deborah M. Zajac ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

At the end of March He-Man and I had our 36th Wedding Anniversary, but we kept it pretty QT since it fell on a week-day. We were anticipating our get-away to Pismo Beach this past week-end (April 1st & 2nd) to celebrate us.

He-Man booked a room for us right on the cliffs with a balcony with a partial view of the ocean and pool area.   The image above is the sunset Saturday evening from our balcony on the 3rd floor.  I loved this view.

The hotel we stayed in is the Shore Cliff Hotel in room 315. When we opened the door and walked down the small hallway to the main sleeping area we were surprised and delighted to find the bed covered in rose pedals (faux) and a tray loaded with two wine glasses, a pair of Swans made from Towels (towel art), a bottle of Sparkling Cider, and a card wishing us a Happy Anniversary!  Isn’t that lovely!

Shore Cliff Hotel Rm 315 Anniversary Week-end

The swans towel art and rose pedal theme was even in the bathroom.  It had double sinks- I loved that! I wish my own bathroom had room for double sinks, but really don’t want one more sink to clean. 🙂

Shore Cliff Hotel Bathroom Rm 315

I’ll show you the little kitchen area, and entertainment areas of the room too.

Rm315 Shore Cliff Hotel Pismo Beach

Entertainment Center Rm 315 Shore Cliff Hotel

The view from our balcony; late afternoon

View from Balcony of Rm 315

and a welcome party of one came to our room shortly after our arrival.  He flew up to the balcony and stayed for awhile then he flew down for a swim and bath in the pool after leaving our balcony. (I’m saying he but don’t know for sure.)   🙂

Seagull balcony Rm 315 Shore Cliff Hotel

I think that might be the Mrs. watching to make sure he gets behind his wings.  🙂

Seagull in Pool Shore Cliff Hotel_IMG_6672

We went to dinner next door where I found a great door which I’m saving for a future Thursday Doors post.

We had a lovely week-end, and enjoyed our stay at Shore Cliff Hotel and love this part of California’s coastline.

Top image: Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film|

Hotel Images: iPhone 7 Plus

All developed in PS CC 2017

I’m behind on emails and blogs again. I hope to catch up this week!

More to come…


Thursday Doors 45/52

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I was in Sedona, AZ, and the South Rim of Grand Canyon for a long week-end this past week and while scouting a sunset location I saw this unique door and had to stop. Thankfully the two friends I was with totally understood. 🙂


I loved seeing the little Sparrow on the horn. I’m so thrilled it stayed long enough for me to get it in the image. Aren’t those chili’s drying in the sun great?  There’s even a hitching post out front.


When I turned to leave and return to the car I spied this side door/gate.


A pretty neat find I think.

I’m behind again, but am working on catching up with your posts and images!

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Project 52 38/52 Kinder Chocolate Bars

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The best things about traveling are meeting new people, learning new customs, hearing new languages, and trying new foods; especially desserts, and candies. While wandering around the shops in Cozumel recently I found these little chocolate bars called Kinder. We don’t have them where I live so bought a box of 8 bars to bring home.

They’re little pillows of milk chocolate with a soft milky filling. It’s tasty! I’m glad they’re small bars!

Nikon Df| AF-D Nikkor 105mm f/1.8 macro lens| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| CS6| Tripod

More to come…

Unhappy folks on shore now! -The Sailor’s Consolation

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He-Man had a big Decade BIRTHDAY (60) this year; very early in the year he asked me to plan a trip for only him and I for this birthday. He didn’t want to drive…much, if at all, or have to think about what or where to eat, or go to be entertained, and he wanted to be in the place on his actual birthday.  I knew straight away he was talking about a Cruise. He adores cruising precisely because he doesn’t have to do any of the above mentioned things while on-board. I’m not that crazy about the “at sea days”. There are 4 on a 7 day cruise, and two, TWO formal nights! I tried, OH. SO. HARD. To get him to change his mind and do something else, but  none of my suggestions swayed him.

So, being the good wife, and friend  I hope I am I try to be;  I booked a 7 day cruise on the Navigator of the Seas in the Western Caribbean for his Big Birthday. We sailed on his Birthday. We sailed from a port new to us; Galveston, TX, and of the 3 ports of call it was going to one port/island was new to us.  Here’s He-Man enjoying our view from our balcony on Deck 7 on his birthday.


This was our 4th cruise and 2nd time sailing on the Navigator of the Seas.  Our very first cruise back in 2008  was on the Navigator. She’s a grand ole’ ship.  (He-Man and my Brother-in-Law on the dock in Cozumel, MX 2008). In port that day was also the Carnival Legend. She sailed fairly close to us that trip.

Navigator of the Seas Forward in the Port of Cozumel

The Navigator of the Seas was built in 2002 in Finland. At that time she was the Fifth largest passenger ship at sea. She is part of Royal Caribbean’s “Voyager Class” of ships; at the time of her debut she was one of the first ships to have an ice skating rink, and the Royal Promanade which features, indoor pubs, lots of stores, cafes, and the Ships “Guest Services” desk where one can book excursions, and get answers to anything pertaining to the ship. There’s Mini Golf up on the 14th floor, a rock climbing wall, and back in 08 there was an incline skating track, but that has been replaced with the “FlowRider” which is a surf simulator.  Here’s an employee of Royal Caribbean riding it in between passengers. He was amazing at it, and made it look so easy! It’s NOT! No, I didn’t try it. 🙂


On Day 2 a “sea day” we had a storm which kept us indoors, but when the rain stopped we went up to Deck 11 and discovered a rainbow just off the Starboard side of the ship. (Hot Tubs)

I couldn’t resist going up to Deck 12 at night to photograph the Pool Deck-

Main Pool and Hot Tubs Deck 11 Navigator of the Seas

Deck 12

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to get another sense of her size here’s the Aft end docked in Roatan, Honduras with the Tourist vans out on the street waiting for tourists off the boat.

Navigator of the Seas Forward in the Port of Roatan

and one last image…a quick look at the Bridge before we sailed. Not quite as many gauges as an airplane in this view, but there are a lot of them not in the frame!

The Bridge Navigator of the Seas

Nikon Df, and Panasonic Lumix FZ200| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film, and Lexar Professional Digital Film| CS6| Hand-held

More to come…