Clark’s Nutcracker

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Clark's NutcrackerMy friend Jackie had thought to take or purchased bird food to lure  birds to her deck while on vacation in Lake Tahoe.
She had been feeding them all week; throwing bird food loaded with peanuts,seeds, and berries on the decking, setting it on the railing, and tossing some to the roof top below the deck.
By the time I arrived the birds to my delight were coming really close to us to get the food. I think we spent 2 hours on the deck photographing the Stellar Jays, and Pygmy Nuthatches.
Just as I was getting ready to quit shooting and get ready for our excursion around the lake this bird flew to the top of a farther Douglas Fir I think.  It’s not a bird I’d ever seen before. I thought it was a Thrasher at first by its bill, but KUDO’s to Jackie who identified the bird when she got home to New Jersey as a Clark’s Nutcracker.

It’s taking flight off the tree in the photo above. I’m glad I got this shot because it shows more wing and tail detail than my earlier shots of it just sitting and surveying the landscape in the photos below.

Clarks Nutcracker profile 2

Clarks Nutcracker Left Profile
Here’s another photo of a Pygmy Nuthatch with a bug or something in its bill.

Pygmy Nuthatch

Here’s a snapshot of Jackie and I in late afternoon light hanging around the shore waiting for Golden Hour and Sunset.

Jackie and I waiting for sunset Lake TahoeNikon D300s, and D700 w/Nikkor 300mm f4, and 17-35mm.

Double Rainbow on Upper Yosemite Fall

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Another waterfall from my Archives. On my birthday in 2011 I hiked up Upper Yosemite trail and was rewarded with a Double Rainbow at the base of Upper Yosemite Fall. It’s a steep and arduous hike, but well worth the effort.
I lost my favorite Hobbie sunglasses over the railing here. They fell a LONG way. 🙂

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 1735@ 20mm| f5| 1/2000second| ISO 160| Manual Priority| Matrix Metering| Hand-held- there wasn’t much room for my tripod on this ledge.

Mossbrea Falls

Mossbrea Falls, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

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One from my archive. This fall is in Northern CA. It’s quite an adventure to get to it. There is no trail to the fall. One must walk along railroad tracks for about a mile. Trains still use the track so you might have to jump out-of-the-way and wait for the train to pass on your way to or from the fall.

Once there if it’s been a wet season you’re rewarded with a wall of water cascading down the mountain. I believe the length of the wall or mountain side that the fall cascades down is as long as a football field. I had to shoot it in bits and pieces To take it all in at once was a bit overwhelming at first. The only way I could “see” to photograph it was to break it down into manageable frames.
I’ve looked at my photos off and on since I took them never being motivated to process them beyond a few basic adjustments then I saved them as PSD’s, closed the file and moved on.
I took another look at the “works in progress” over the week-end because I’m planning to pass this way again next month and I’d like to revisit the fall on my way north.
While looking at them again I finished a few photos here’s the first.

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 17-35mm| B+W Neutral Density filter 0.9


American Goldfinch-Female

Says Phoebe, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

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This is a flittly little bird…though quite common here in Northern California.

I got this ID wrong. Thank you Shari, and Rainey for the correction!

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 80-400mm @ 400mm| 1/500 sec| f/8| ISO 320| Aperture Priority| Hand-held

Red-breasted Sapsucker

Red-breasted Sapsucker, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

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I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friend Alex who shared this find with me and a few other friends. Thank you Alex!
It’s the first time I’ve seen this woodpecker.

Also a Big Thank you to Dali for driving us today!
It was a fun day and good to hang out with you all.

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 80-200@200 + Tamron 1.4x TC+= 300mm| 1/ 100s| ISO 1250 | Manual Priority| Tripod


February’s Full Moon over the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge

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I met a group of Photographers early this morning to photograph the Moonset and I hoped I’d get my timing right so I could get this shot lined up.
It’s been really, really great the last week having clear skies in the city.

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 80-200 + Tamron 1.4x 280mm| f11| 1/3s| ISO 320| Manual Priority| Tripod| Singh Ray 2 stop GND