Wordless Wednesday 20/52 In the garden with Pharaoh and Amun

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Amen in the form of a Ram protecting Pharaoh

Nikon D810| Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2017

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Draw-a-Bird Day Anna’s Hummingbird

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How neat that Draw-a-Bird Day falls on Mother’s Day in the US this month. I hope all Mothers everywhere have a wonderful day!

For this month’s Draw-a-Bird Day I painted an Anna’s Hummingbird.

Watercolor- Anna's Hummingbird

Not without much trial and error though. This is my 4th attempt. The first 3 have been shredded.  I couldn’t get the proportion right; it was too short, too fat, too long, or too thin.

After talking to Myriam  about my trials with it she asked me if I had used a ruler or my grid? I hadn’t.  On this last try I used the ole pencil ruler trick and got a lot closer to what I wanted in terms of size and proportion.  Thank you Myriam!

I’ve been following watercolor artist Alan Owen on Youtube for quite awhile, and he always adds a matte board frame to his piece on completion, and the work that looked great before the matte frame looks more like art with it. I tucked that thought away to get some matte boards.  Lately fellow blogger Jodi over at lifeinbetween.me  has been adding a matte board frame to the work she shares and it just looks terrific. I went over  to the art store early this week and finally bought a few to see how my bird watercolor pieces look.  I like the way it looks. It dresses it up. 🙂  He-Man said I need to get frames now and hang them. We’ll see.

My muse for this Anna’s Hummingbird is an image I made in March this year.

Anna's Hummingbird Female perched on a branch

Myriam thought it would make a wonderful subject for a drawing or painting. I think so too.

This is part of Draw-a-Bird Day over at Laura’s Createartevery.com . To see all the bird art posted today click here.  Scroll down to the comments to see the links to all the posts shared this month. 

To read the original story of how Draw-a-Bird Day got started click here

Images- Nikon Df| Delkin Digital Film| Nikkor 105mm & 200-500mm lenses| PS CC 2015

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Maple Lear in Watercolor

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A couple of weeks ago I spotted what might be a Maple Tree while driving home from the hardware store.

After dropping off my packages I walked back to the tree and plucked a single leaf off a low branch with the intention of using it as a model for a watercolor painting.  I sketched it out that same afternoon then worked on a Kumquat leaf, and a landscape instead.  Today I was able to spend quite a bit of time working on the Maple Leaf painting, but it was super dried out, and crumbly and the color had changed from a vibrant red to a brownish red which I tried to capture, but perhaps I missed the mark and this is closer to an Ash in the fall or winter.

Here’s the final painting.

Maple Leaf in Watercolor

I bought a new set of Turner watercolor paints not long ago so, I used those to paint this on Arches 140lb Cold Press watercolor paper. I also purchased a new brush that I’ve been using almost exclusively since it arrived.

It’s Creative Mark’s Mimic Kolinsky No.12 Round.   It’s faux mink but, feels and acts like a real fur brush. I’m loving it, and the new paints. The brush comes to a lovely fine point and hasn’t shed at all. It holds a lot of water, and cleans up in a cinch.  The paints have a nice pigment, there are 18 colors in the set so, I’m getting to try some new colors, and I’m using less paint than I was using with my Cotman paints. Or it feels that way to me.

Is this a Maple Leaf? I hope I can find another one that’s still red soon!

Lumix FZ200| Lexar Professional Digital Film| Hand-held

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Ginko Leaf Watercolor

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Inspired by Laura at createarteveryday I have tried painting a couple of leaves. This Ginko leaf from my front yard I like well enough to share.

Cotman travel palette on Strathmore watercolor paper


More to come…

Impatiens – watercolor

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Inspired by a watercolor by Jodi Jensen that I own, and fellow blogger   http://createarteveryday.com/  I pulled out my Watercolor paints yesterday evening to paint some Impatiens.

Here’s V1

Impatiens I Watercolor

Not happy with the top of the pots, and the floor, anchoring ground I flipped the card over and began anew-


Impatiens II Watercolor

I am happy that I was able to get the tile floor to look like a floor, and the pots came out better, but one pot is still a bit wonky. Perspective in drawing and painting isn’t coming easily to me.

I didn’t like the big green bush on the right so, I wet my wash brush and went over the entire painting muting the flowers, bush, and pots, and after it dried I started again.


Impatiens III Watercolor

The pot on the right is still wonky in shape, but I like the softer, more muted edges, and the greenery in the background I find more pleasing.  There will be a V4 on another day.

I found the an image online (Yahoo Images) of the Watercolor by Jodi Jensen that I own and have hanging in my family room which was my image source of inspiration.  My watercolor is quite different.  🙂 I hope to be this good one day!

Jodi Jensen Watercolor ImpatiensThank you Laura for putting your art out in the world for me and others to be inspired by your challenges, successes, and words of encouragement!

iPhone 5| CS6| Winsor & Newton Watercolor Paints| Strathmore Watercolor Cards|Colors I used: Cadmium Red, Alizarin Red, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber| Brushes-Simply Simmons 1″ Flat, Artist Loft Vienna #10, American Painters Round #8, and Robert Simmons fine line 10/0-

More to come…

Watercolor Aspen at Rock Crk Eastern Sierras

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My Grandmother who died when I was just 13 weeks old could paint, and my Mother can sew. I have aspired and wanted to do both my whole life, and have failed miserably. Perhaps I should just stick to photography.

Iphone 5/ handheld/ winsor & newton watercolor paint/ strathmore watercolor cards


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I took this photograph back in March when it was cold and rainy out, and I was longing to be out with my camera. I broke out my clamp lights and started playing with Still-life compositions.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 85mm| f8| 1/20 s | ISO 200| Manual Priority| Tripod| Clamp light camera right| Textures by Bea Pierce & Exothermic