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My Grandmother who died when I was just 13 weeks old could paint, and my Mother can sew. I have aspired and wanted to do both my whole life, and have failed miserably. Perhaps I should just stick to photography.

Iphone 5/ handheld/ winsor & newton watercolor paint/ strathmore watercolor cards



  1. which you do admirably! But you probably do it all admirably. We are our own worst critics.

  2. Vincent van Gough died believing he was a failure. Now look. Don’t stop painting and keep both your ears on.

  3. Stop knocking yourself. You def have talent.

  4. Deborah, you are much closer to success than you realize. Have you thought about finding a watercolor teacher?

    I tried sewing….AARRGGHH! It wasn’t for me. I was so glad to sell my machine! 🙂

    • Thank you Melissa! I had the best art teacher I’ve ever had about 20 years ago. I found him at our community center. Unfortunately he’s passed away now.

      I haven’t looked for another class or teacher since.

  5. “failed miserably” ??? Did you paint this? I’m confused.

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