Watercolor Aspen at Rock Crk Eastern Sierras

c 2015 Deborah M Zajac alk Rights Reserved


My Grandmother who died when I was just 13 weeks old could paint, and my Mother can sew. I have aspired and wanted to do both my whole life, and have failed miserably. Perhaps I should just stick to photography.

Iphone 5/ handheld/ winsor & newton watercolor paint/ strathmore watercolor cards

10 thoughts on “Watercolor Aspen at Rock Crk Eastern Sierras

  1. Vincent van Gough died believing he was a failure. Now look. Don’t stop painting and keep both your ears on.

  2. Deborah, you are much closer to success than you realize. Have you thought about finding a watercolor teacher?

    I tried sewing….AARRGGHH! It wasn’t for me. I was so glad to sell my machine! 🙂

    1. Thank you Melissa! I had the best art teacher I’ve ever had about 20 years ago. I found him at our community center. Unfortunately he’s passed away now.

      I haven’t looked for another class or teacher since.

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