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A couple of weeks ago I spotted what might be a Maple Tree while driving home from the hardware store.

After dropping off my packages I walked back to the tree and plucked a single leaf off a low branch with the intention of using it as a model for a watercolor painting.  I sketched it out that same afternoon then worked on a Kumquat leaf, and a landscape instead.  Today I was able to spend quite a bit of time working on the Maple Leaf painting, but it was super dried out, and crumbly and the color had changed from a vibrant red to a brownish red which I tried to capture, but perhaps I missed the mark and this is closer to an Ash in the fall or winter.

Here’s the final painting.

Maple Leaf in Watercolor

I bought a new set of Turner watercolor paints not long ago so, I used those to paint this on Arches 140lb Cold Press watercolor paper. I also purchased a new brush that I’ve been using almost exclusively since it arrived.

It’s Creative Mark’s Mimic Kolinsky No.12 Round.   It’s faux mink but, feels and acts like a real fur brush. I’m loving it, and the new paints. The brush comes to a lovely fine point and hasn’t shed at all. It holds a lot of water, and cleans up in a cinch.  The paints have a nice pigment, there are 18 colors in the set so, I’m getting to try some new colors, and I’m using less paint than I was using with my Cotman paints. Or it feels that way to me.

Is this a Maple Leaf? I hope I can find another one that’s still red soon!

Lumix FZ200| Lexar Professional Digital Film| Hand-held

More to come…



  1. it certainly looks like a Maple Leaf! nice watercolour, Deb!

    • Thank you so much Hui! I apologize for the late reply!!! I’ve been away from home and my computer since Friday afternoon. I’ll try to catch with you and everyone this week!

  2. Yes, and a wonderful job with it, Deborah! Way to go! Maple leaves aren’t easy to draw and I think you nailed it! 🍂🍁🍃

  3. Beautiful job Deborah on you maple leaf! I have no doubt it is that! 🙂

  4. Looks like a Maple leaf to me. Our are turning late this year. We are starting to see some bright yellows, but not very many red ones yet.

    • Thank you Dan! Shouldn’t be long now before you see the reds though. The days are getting cooler, and shorter. 😦

      • I was on my way home from Boston this morning. I saw several bright yellow maple trees along the highway, but not when I was in a good place to stop. It’s coming, and we have several on our street, so I should be able to get a nice photo.

        • How nice to have Maple trees on your street! I’m looking forward to seeing your Fall and leaf images.

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