Impatiens – watercolor

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Inspired by a watercolor by Jodi Jensen that I own, and fellow blogger  I pulled out my Watercolor paints yesterday evening to paint some Impatiens.

Here’s V1

Impatiens I Watercolor

Not happy with the top of the pots, and the floor, anchoring ground I flipped the card over and began anew-


Impatiens II Watercolor

I am happy that I was able to get the tile floor to look like a floor, and the pots came out better, but one pot is still a bit wonky. Perspective in drawing and painting isn’t coming easily to me.

I didn’t like the big green bush on the right so, I wet my wash brush and went over the entire painting muting the flowers, bush, and pots, and after it dried I started again.


Impatiens III Watercolor

The pot on the right is still wonky in shape, but I like the softer, more muted edges, and the greenery in the background I find more pleasing.  There will be a V4 on another day.

I found the an image online (Yahoo Images) of the Watercolor by Jodi Jensen that I own and have hanging in my family room which was my image source of inspiration.  My watercolor is quite different.  🙂 I hope to be this good one day!

Jodi Jensen Watercolor ImpatiensThank you Laura for putting your art out in the world for me and others to be inspired by your challenges, successes, and words of encouragement!

iPhone 5| CS6| Winsor & Newton Watercolor Paints| Strathmore Watercolor Cards|Colors I used: Cadmium Red, Alizarin Red, Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow, Sap Green Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber| Brushes-Simply Simmons 1″ Flat, Artist Loft Vienna #10, American Painters Round #8, and Robert Simmons fine line 10/0-

More to come…

6 thoughts on “Impatiens – watercolor

  1. I like to paint with watercolors, too. Your impatiens are lovely and I enjoyed them very much. I use also pen and ink drawings filling in with watercolors to create children’s or baby’s name pictures.

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