Draw-a-Bird Day Anna’s Hummingbird

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How neat that Draw-a-Bird Day falls on Mother’s Day in the US this month. I hope all Mothers everywhere have a wonderful day!

For this month’s Draw-a-Bird Day I painted an Anna’s Hummingbird.

Watercolor- Anna's Hummingbird

Not without much trial and error though. This is my 4th attempt. The first 3 have been shredded.  I couldn’t get the proportion right; it was too short, too fat, too long, or too thin.

After talking to Myriam  about my trials with it she asked me if I had used a ruler or my grid? I hadn’t.  On this last try I used the ole pencil ruler trick and got a lot closer to what I wanted in terms of size and proportion.  Thank you Myriam!

I’ve been following watercolor artist Alan Owen on Youtube for quite awhile, and he always adds a matte board frame to his piece on completion, and the work that looked great before the matte frame looks more like art with it. I tucked that thought away to get some matte boards.  Lately fellow blogger Jodi over at lifeinbetween.me  has been adding a matte board frame to the work she shares and it just looks terrific. I went over  to the art store early this week and finally bought a few to see how my bird watercolor pieces look.  I like the way it looks. It dresses it up. 🙂  He-Man said I need to get frames now and hang them. We’ll see.

My muse for this Anna’s Hummingbird is an image I made in March this year.

Anna's Hummingbird Female perched on a branch

Myriam thought it would make a wonderful subject for a drawing or painting. I think so too.

This is part of Draw-a-Bird Day over at Laura’s Createartevery.com . To see all the bird art posted today click here.  Scroll down to the comments to see the links to all the posts shared this month. 

To read the original story of how Draw-a-Bird Day got started click here

Images- Nikon Df| Delkin Digital Film| Nikkor 105mm & 200-500mm lenses| PS CC 2015

More to come…

34 thoughts on “Draw-a-Bird Day Anna’s Hummingbird

  1. Your hummingbird turned out lovely! And just like your photo! I’m impressed, Deborah! I like it with the mat too – will need to try this myself. 🙂

        1. I don’t know how to frame a canvas either! I don’t think even when I was a girl in school in art classes I painted on canvas. It’s always been paper for me.
          If your watercolors and collages are on standard sized watercolor paper you can probably find standard matte boards at a craft or art store to fit them. Although some of your work even if on standard sized paper may need professional matting and framing though.
          I’d take one of each of your works to a craft store or art store and poke around the matte boards, and/or frames and see what you find.

          Or maybe someone who has framed canvas will chime in. 🙂

          1. Thanks Deborah, I really need to start checking this out – I suppose I could check YouTube as they seem to have videos on about everything! 😊

  2. Oh Deborah! She’s beautiful 🙂 :-)! I’m so glad you got the proportions right (perfectly perfect!) on your 4th try. The colours are so light and bright, and your hummingbird is so sweet and delicate. Your painting makes me feel the calm and beauty of early morning birding. Thanks!

    Sorry I’m a bit behind on my comments. I really wanted to make some progress on my hummingbird. No painting yet. But I did do a pen and ink and marker study. Now I can use your painting to help me create a delicate watercolour painting. Markers are so not delicate :-D!

    Happy Mother’s Day :-).

  3. Aww Deborah, you’ve done a beautiful job with this hummingbird! Oh, it’s precious! Love it! So glad you joined us. And I’m really glad you’re painting. You have so many wonderful photographs to feed your art addition! Looks wonderful with a double mat, I tend to agree! Lovely work!

    1. OMG Marga! To say you wish you could draw like that and you’re talking about my drawing! YOU MADE MY DAY!!! I’ll float on this all day! Thank you!!!

      Thanks for that great idea! I’ll look for a frame that’s easy to open the back of so I can swap out the paintings. Painting this size and little vignettes is something I find I like a lot.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! When I added the matte my thought was, “Wow, just like adding a blazer to jean! It dresses it up!” 🙂 I suppose matted and framed would feel the same.

      Happy Mother’s Day Dear Friend!

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