Thursday Doors 23/52 N°242

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For this week’s Thursday Doors I’m going back to NYC to a door I thought was pretty neat.

I just love all the ornamentation on these old buildings.  The brass doors are a bit beat up, but it adds character.

Entrance Door in NYC

Here’s a closer look at the upper details.

Architecture NYC

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40 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 23/52 N°242

  1. Ooh, this is really fantastic! 😍👍 Love everything about it, including the 2 chairs in the window on the second floor. Hehe! I would see something different than everyone else. 😉

            1. Isn’t it though! Without Gordon seeing that I wouldn’t have seen that.
              I think math/numbers are perfect and comes straight from God… well math and music. People like Gordon are a blessings to me because I never see these kinds of patterns. It’s also why I suck at piano. I never see the patterns in the musical phrases. Sigh, 😦 I dearly wanted to be a pianist.

              Artists too feed my soul. I want to paint and strive toward that, but it will be a life long struggle. Piano I gave up on after 13 years of lessons. Painting, and drawing I’m still willing to learn and try. Piano…not anymore. My heart isn’t in it after 13 yrs and only being fair to mediocre. I admit I have no talent there. I’m okay with that and have moved on.

              I don’t to paint to sell my work, but I want to paint well enough to feel good about what I paint and draw. I want it to look they way I see it.
              Drawing is a huge challenge for me as is creativity. It doesn’t come naturally. I really have to work at it.
              You have an innate creativity for painting, and creating anything you see in your mind’s eye.
              I am grateful to have found you. You inspire and teach me with each work you share. TMI I know. 🙂 I’m mushy all too often. Let me just say THANK YOU! xx

  2. Like this comp and everything about it! With a little imagination you can see the symmetry (not only in the building ornament comps) but the numbers (the address is 2 & 4 & 2; there are 2 sets of doors of 2 each doors which add up to 4 doors; 2 halves of the arch “transom windows” above the doors; 2 chairs and the clock is showing 4:00). Great find!

      1. Already found out, this is going to be a long term project, because the wall first needs to be insulated. Wow, that was a hole in our pocket! It appears that for metal walls one needs a different kind of insulation so that condensation does not ruin the walls.
        Haven’t found the right scaffolding yet. But I think I can start with putting the canvas on the floor (protected of course). I have two subjects in mind, but not worked out the details how to “present” it. Thanks for asking:):)

        1. I was wondering what you had decided to use. UGH! Sorry to hear about the insulation and added costs. It’s always something isn’t it. When it’s done though you’ll be so glad you did it right.

          Looking forward to seeing you at work in the new studio- Pics pls! Also can’t wait to see the new projects.

  3. I like the stone details of this entrance. I really like walking around NYC and finding these gems. Were you across the street for these ? If so, you avoided the traffic again. If not, I’m curious as to how you got this perspective. Great photos. I’m very happy that you joined Norm and all of us door nuts.

    1. Thank you so much Dan!
      There were so many wonderful ornate old buildings and doors in NYC! If I lived there I’d have a door a week for the rest of my life easily.

      I was on foot on my way to the Empire State Bldg. I just passed the Molly Wee so this building is really close to it, but I don’t what street I was on! I think we crossed the street and continued straight up the street a ways.
      I was actually in the street next to a parked car across from the building. I waiting for the traffic to pass. Luckily there was very little foot traffic on this day. It was a Saturday too!

      I really blew it with my wide angle lens choice though. My 28-105mm just wasn’t wide enough there. I did love how light it was, but wished I’d taken my 17-35mm instead.
      I hope to get back to NYC one day, because there are a few buildings and places I’d like to reshoot.
      I think it’s time I upgraded this old lens to the newer 24-120mm f/4 lens.

      1. When my daughter bought her new (replacement) camera (Panasonic mirrorless) she noticed that they are coming out with a 7-14mm lens. I think if they had had one available, she might own it now. The lens she destroyed when she fell was a 14-28mm.

        There are so many places in NYC, and Boston, and Philly, and… 🙂

        1. I do love my wide angle lenses too!

          I should have added that I did use the wide angle adapter filter in Camera Raw to fix the converging lines. I had the building falling backwards distortion. It caused me to loose a bit of the top and sides, but the focus was the door and ornate bits so it worked out.
          I’ve never been to Philly, or Boston, but would love to see Boston especially in the Fall!
          Add San Francisco, San Diego, and… maybe the town I live in. I really should get downtown and see what’s there. Endless! 🙂

  4. Love, love, love — I think it looks better with age 🙂 That clock, those numbers — Nice accents to an amazing set of doors!

    1. Thank you Joey! It is impressive isn’t it. I love the clock too! I’m a huge fan of analog clocks and watches. I only have analog watches, and the ones with roman numerals are my favs.

    1. Thank you Jean! I think the simplicity of the Brass doors is a nice contrast to the wonderful archway, and ornamental art around the arch. I don’t know if they’re original, but they belong there. 🙂

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