Draw-a-Bird-a-Day:June 2016

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I wasn’t motivated to paint for the longest time. I was planning my trip to NYC, then  while in NYC all I wanted to do was take photographs. At the end of each day there I fell into bed exhausted from walking and touring, then when I got home my son: Big Baby Boy and his lovely finance the Dark Haired Beauty came home for a long week-end , so instead of wanting to paint, or develop images I wanted to hang out with them.

…and just like that May was gone! Who wants to paint when all that is going on?

Okay, I know real painters would! Just like I was making photographs the whole time. I get it! 🙂

Late this afternoon the image of a Killdeer I took back in April of this year called me to paint it.  I don’t have clue how that happened because, my focus today has been on the letter A, and the Number 7.  For the next 25 days we’re coloring and wearing Alphabet wristlettes…a letter a day…and I’ve added a number a day to that.

I’ve been teaching #1 Grandson who is already 3 1/2 years old his letter sounds, along with letter recognition, number counting and recognition, living science, earth science, literature, manners, and appropriate behavior in our house and in public since he was born, but it’s been getting more intense the the last year. I’m so ready for this kid to read and do kindergarten math!

Phew, is it any wonder I’m exhausted when Baby Girl gets home from work?  He knows his alphabet from A to Z,  and some numbers and letters by sight, but not all the sounds, letters, or numbers by sight. It’s time to step it up! Add this to a very busy boy who wants to play and be busy with his toys, inside and out all day!

Seriously, at the end of the day uncork a bottle of wine! I’m ready to unwind! 🙂

Armed with a glass of slightly chilled Zin I began to draw my second attempt at the Killdeer. The first attempt had too many issues.

Those issues were mostly proportion, shape, and size related, and color mixing. Sigh! If I could draw all my problems with art would be nil! Seriously. NIL!  I WISH I COULD DRAW!

This is my second attempt: Still with issues related to proportion, shape and size, but much better than the first attempt.

Killdeer in Watercolor

The image is taken from a photograph  I made in April 2016. This painting isn’t nearly as cute as my photograph is.  Sigh. Perhaps a few more tries drawing it will achieve that.

I hope so!

The inspiration image here.

Oh, I forgot to add that I used my new Sennelier watercolor paints for this painting. He-Man gave me the 12 + 6 tin for my birthday last month. It’s the first time I’ve used them to paint anything besides a color chart.  I love the way the colors look on paper. There’s a wonderful vibrancy to them. I need to add a couple of greens to the kit though.

I used my Escoda Reserva #6 rd, and Mimik Kolinsky #12 brushes, and painted this in my Strathemore Mixed Media Journal.

This is part of Draw-a-Bird Day over at Laura’s Createartevery.com . To see all the bird art posted today click here.  Scroll down to the comments to see the links to all the posts shared this month. 

To read the original story of how Draw-a-Bird Day got started click here

The post is also part of Charlie O’Shields doodlewash #NatureDoolewash

Lumix FX200| Lexar Professional Digital Film| Handheld| PS CC 2015

More to come




50 thoughts on “Draw-a-Bird-a-Day:June 2016

    1. I think I had one too many Zin’s because I posted my first painting! I need correct the text or the painting, but now it’s been seen I’ve just left it. I finished a 3 version this afternoon I’m going to post soon. It’s so much better I think!

  1. It sounds like you are really enjoying your grandson! That’s wonderful 😀 I really like your picture Deborah…such a pretty bird!

  2. Such a busy and thoughtful and loving grandmother! Both your killdeers are excellent for freehand sketches – the proportions are quite close. And your colours look great to me. Those Sennelier paints sure are luscious! You can totally draw! I checked out your NY skyline on instagram. Very cool. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Myriam! The 3rd Killdeer is coming along much better than the first two.

      I’m really liking the Sennelier paints though I’d like to add a few more pans to the box. Especially some greens, and maybe another red. 🙂

      1. Very cool to see the improvements in your three versions. And glad you are enjoying your paints :-). I’m using Grumbacher student grade paints. They are pretty good for the price. I think the only colour which is not recommended is Cadmium Red, so I might get a tube from a better brand to see why it isn’t recommended. I’m following your example and drew two versions of one bird. I’m now working on painting the second. I’ve discovered scrubbing and lifting. Fun!

        1. Thanks so much Myriam! My 4th version on the bigger paper didn’t come out well. I tore it half and am using the other side of the paper for practice, and journaling . 🙂

          Can’t wait to see your pen and wash!

          My student grade paints are the Turners, and the Winton & Newton Cotman travel palette.

          The Cadmium Red paint complaint is most like due to its lower color fast rating. I’m sure it’s fine and the color will hold up for years without changing texture or fading on the paper if you don’t expose the work to direct sunlight for hours each day.

          You have to have a strong paper for scrubbing and lifting. Which paper are you using? My hotpress paper can take some, but not much scrubbing. I can usually lift without pilling the paper.

          1. Thanks for the Cad Red information, Deborah. I often skim books on watercolours so I only get snippets of information. I won’t worry about the colourfastness of my paint until I want my paintings to last for decades.

            I’m not scrubbing very hard. Just enough to get dry paint re-wet and off the paper. I’m not using a scrubber brush. I tried but found it too rough… so I used my small flat Taklon brush instead. My paper is from a pad – 140 lb coldpress by Canson.

  3. Great Killdeer painting, Deborah! All in all, ain’t those grandkids so awesome and so worth the exhaustion?!! LOL As they say, had I known grandkids were so much fun, I’d have had them instead of kids! LOLOLOL 🙂

    1. LOL! Good saying about the Grandkids. I hadn’t heard it before. It sure has been a great ride so far.
      Keeping my fingers crossed that my oldest and fiance have one or two after they get married, but they haven’t set a date yet, but are thinking late summer 2017.

  4. delightful draw and you are a busy lady!! I think your bird has a style. Judging by your posts and images inlcuding the ones of you, it come shining through!!

    1. Thank you so much Jill! You know what I did? I posted the first bird instead of the second! Oh well, the second one that I meant to post here I posted on Instagram so, it’s out there. So blond! 🙂

      I’m working on a 3rd drawing on and off today. It coming out better than the first two!

      1. Sounds like something I’d do, Deborah! Lol! 😄 I will look for your second version on Instagram. 💕🎨 And YAY for keep practicing! 🌟🌟🌟

  5. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. I like this drawing a lot. I’ll take your word for all the imperfections. My attempt would look like a stick-bird. Kudus on helping your grandson learn. That will pay off big time.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! I’m not far ahead of you when it comes to stick figures. I still draw like that when I try to draw from my head rather than an image or subject to look at.

      Thanks for the Kudos too! I just teach throughout the days and years. I wanted my kids to enter school/Kindergarten reading ready, and they were just starting to read when they entered school, and I would like #1 Grandson to be at that level too. I started phonics when he was younger than my two so, I’m curious to see where that leads.

      1. We read to Faith all the time, and she picked up reading from that. She was reading before she started school. She remains a voracious reader to this day.

    1. LOL! I think I had one too many. I posted the first doodlewash not the second! 🙂
      I posted the second on Instagram late this morning. So blond!

      Your Blue/Purple Heron is so pretty! You’re so gifted. I enjoy seeing your work, and goodies from the kitchen very much.
      Thanks for stopping by with the words of encouragement! I appreciate it!

  6. Beautiful bird, Deborah! And lovely colors. I used my Strathmore MM journal too! Just love it! Lucky you, a Sennelier set sounds scrumptious! You really are so busy. If you drew this bird every day for a week, I bet by week’s end you’d be really happy with it. It already looks great, just needs some shading to bring it fully alive. Not as easy to do in paint! So glad we met up here at WP and thanks for the link back to me, my friend. ❤

      1. I live about 80 miles away so I pop over when Jacki needs extra help watching the babies and come back that day. Now the kids are out of school so we will go for two days to help out next week.

        1. Oh gosh I can imagine what a Godsend you must be to her. I can’t imagine having to care for twins! Now when they’re still sleeping a good bit I hope she’s resting, and getting some stuff done. She’s really going to need you when they are staying up longer.

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