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So, the other day when I posted my Draw-a-Bird Killdeer I meant to post it with my second painting, but had one glass of vin too many me thinks because, I actually posted the first Killdeer line and wash I tried.  I’m so blond!

I wasn’t totally happy with version 2  though it was better than the first drawing and painting, so I quickly got started on a version 3 which I finished yesterday afternoon.

Killdeer in Watercolor

My notes in the right corner are about the tools I used to make this line and wash.

Micron 0.3 pen, Sennelier watercolor paints, Brushes: 0/0 rigger by Simmons, #6 rd Escoda Reserva, and #12 rd Mimik Kolinsky. Painted in a Strathmore  400 series  8.5″X 5.5″ Watercolor Journal.

It’s been fun and exciting seeing my progress with each drawing and wash. I am happy with the way version 3 came out.

version 2

Killdeer V2

and the first attempt.

Killdeer in Watercolor

With each drawing I got the shape, and markings a bit better, and the placement on the page better as well. My next step is to draw and paint it on a bigger sheet of Arches watercolor paper.  I’m going to begin that today or tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Images taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ200| Lexar Professional Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…



  1. Wow! Three is a charm :-)! Very cool to see the three together. I like the subtle shading of the feather layers in the third one. It makes the bird come to life more. And the eye is so charming. And I like how the bend in the “ankle” is more visible in the third. Looking forward to V4.0!

  2. Deborah, wow, look at the changes with each rendition! Love this! Progress in action!!! ❤

  3. I agree, your third is the best, love the red eye ring you created! All three are great renditions, I couldn’t even get close to doing as well as you! Good luck on the bigger sheet! 🙂

    • Thank you! I too liked the way the eye came out on the third version.
      I’m struggling with the tail on the sheet I started last night. I gave up. I’ll work on it today and maybe it will click and I’ll complete the drawing and start painting. That’s the part I like the best. 🙂

  4. I like seeing the progress. I think they’re all good, but I see the thing you want to make better, when you point them out. Good luck.

    • Thanks Dan! It probably will take a few tries getting it right on the big paper too, but I’ll keep trying. 🙂
      Each little improvement makes me happy and keeps me going.

  5. Look at you go go go! Nice job Deborah!

  6. Lovely!

  7. Love seeing the three drawings and your process!

    • Thank you so much Lynn! It was good for me to see them all laid out like that. I can see my progress! It gives me hope that I may actually draw like #3 on the first try one day. 🙂

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