Killdeer v3.0

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So, the other day when I posted my Draw-a-Bird Killdeer I meant to post it with my second painting, but had one glass of vin too many me thinks because, I actually posted the first Killdeer line and wash I tried.  I’m so blond!

I wasn’t totally happy with version 2  though it was better than the first drawing and painting, so I quickly got started on a version 3 which I finished yesterday afternoon.

Killdeer in Watercolor

My notes in the right corner are about the tools I used to make this line and wash.

Micron 0.3 pen, Sennelier watercolor paints, Brushes: 0/0 rigger by Simmons, #6 rd Escoda Reserva, and #12 rd Mimik Kolinsky. Painted in a Strathmore  400 series  8.5″X 5.5″ Watercolor Journal.

It’s been fun and exciting seeing my progress with each drawing and wash. I am happy with the way version 3 came out.

version 2

Killdeer V2

and the first attempt.

Killdeer in Watercolor

With each drawing I got the shape, and markings a bit better, and the placement on the page better as well. My next step is to draw and paint it on a bigger sheet of Arches watercolor paper.  I’m going to begin that today or tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Images taken with a Panasonic Lumix FZ200| Lexar Professional Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…

13 thoughts on “Killdeer v3.0

  1. Wow! Three is a charm :-)! Very cool to see the three together. I like the subtle shading of the feather layers in the third one. It makes the bird come to life more. And the eye is so charming. And I like how the bend in the “ankle” is more visible in the third. Looking forward to V4.0!

  2. I agree, your third is the best, love the red eye ring you created! All three are great renditions, I couldn’t even get close to doing as well as you! Good luck on the bigger sheet! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I too liked the way the eye came out on the third version.
      I’m struggling with the tail on the sheet I started last night. I gave up. I’ll work on it today and maybe it will click and I’ll complete the drawing and start painting. That’s the part I like the best. 🙂

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