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I went out to Alviso, CA this past week to look for a Little Stint which is a shorebird, and very rare to this area.  I didn’t see the Little Stint unfortunately, but  I did see a neat rusty, and sagging door at the old Bayside Canning Company. This Canning Company has been closed since 1936.  I blogged a little about the Canning Co. & town here.

Rusty Door- Photography

The city is letting the buildings decay, and they are currently being used by the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory. 

The Little Stint has been hanging around the Western Sandpipers, and I did see some that were close to me. Sadly the Little Stint wasn’t hanging out with this group.

Western Sandpipers- Photography

There are deck walkways that take you right across the top of the marsh and you leave

the deck via a  facade like doorway to the levy’s that surround the ponds. You can walk around these or just gaze at the view.   Back in September 2009 I happened to be there early in the evening for Golden Hour; it was gorgeous.

Alviso Golden Hour Fall 2009

Top two images- Nikon D700| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Professional Digital Film| PS CC 2015

Bottom Image- Nikon D90| Nikkor 70-300mm VR| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 2015

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  1. I liked the sagging rusty worn out door of the canning company. Very cool!
    I like the attempt to find the elusive Little Stint bird! It almost sounds like the beginning of a short story which leads to other fascinating views like the sandpiper in its camouflage and final golden moment caught on film. So beautiful, Deborah!

  2. Love that rusty door, I’m like you, there’s something about rust that is artistic. I’ve been enjoying capturing those Blue Jays on the rusty fire pits here! 🙂 That Golden Hour capture is gorgeous, Deborah!

  3. love the rusted door! and great sandpipers and golden hour too!

  4. I like the door but I sure don’t like it when owners/towns let buildings just deteriorate and collapse. There is a tanning company not far from us, and it is just falling down and it keeps getting worse. Sad.

  5. Oh, I do like the door…and the other shots as well. The light in the last one is wonderful.


  6. That is one tired looking door. It’s kind of sad to see it just decay, butmaybe that’s better for the area than a large demolition project. I really like the bird, and that last photo is sunning.

    • Tired! What a great way to describe it. I thought and thought about a title for it, and didn’t come up with that one. It fits it. I was thinking more literal…no surprise there right. Sagging, rusted, old. 🙂 Tired is much better.

      I was chancing it showing the birds, but it was why I was there last week. The door was a bonus!

      That Golden in 2009 was amazing. I’m so glad I was there.
      Those facades are still there. I think there are 3 or maybe 4 of them. The streamers in the doorways are long gone though.

  7. Wow, the Golden Hour! What a gorgeous photo Deborah!

  8. That poor little Stint, all on his own. Great shots of those birdts, Deborah. I love the warm hazy yellow of that last image.

  9. Lovely birds, Deborah! Have heard this from someone else who lives in San Francisco – buildings are not taken care of and whole neighborhoods – too many people and too much trash around. A pity! Also love your last photo – stunning light! Happy Mothers Day to you:)

    • Thank you so much Jesh! Letting the cannery go was pretty cool for a lot of years for us lovers of urban decay and rust. It’s getting so old and crumbly in places now the city has it fenced it off.

      Now the conservatory is using it for bird studies, and habitats I think. So this urban decay doesn’t bother me like some other places do.

      That evening with the Golden light was amazing. I don’t see it like that here very often.

      Thank you so much I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day too!

  10. Great find on that door and that last shot is just lovely too 🙂

  11. The first and the last are breathtaking!

  12. I love this whole post but the last photo is incredible! Love love love

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