Whatever Weds. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

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I was pretty excited to see the Great Conjunction as I’m sure most of you were too, so I hoped for clear skies to be able to photograph it. On the 16th of December the crescent moon, Jupiter, and Saturn were fairly close to each other and it was a clear sky so I photographed it from my patio. It was cloudy all day but cleared pretty well but the wispy contrails and remaining clouds made the sky a bit more interesting. Can you spy the ski runs at Heavenly Ski Resort? X marks the spot.

Crescent Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn over the Carson Spur.

It was clear on Monday the 21st so I went out with my long lens to get a closer look at the conjunction. I had to crop it in for it to be a good look even at 400mm, but I was able to see 3 of Jupiter’s Moons too. The 3 tiny dots are the Moons.

Jupiter, 3 Moons, and Saturn. The Great Conjunction of 2020

Saturn’s rings are not defined which is disappointing, but I saw the Great Conjunction! Did you look for it?

I wish all those celebrating Christmas a very Merry Christmas, and those who aren’t I wish you a very Joyous Week!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 and Fuji X-T3| Fuji 100-400mm| PS CC 22.1

more to come…

Moon Set over San Francisco

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and I whispered…”Good-night Moon, and San Francisco sleep tight.”

Moon Set over San Francisco

Nikon Df| Nikkor 80-200mm @ 200mm| Delkin Digital Film| Tripod| Single Frame| PS CC 2017

More to come…

Rising Waning Crescent Moon over Mt. Hamilton

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I rose early again this morning to meet 4 friends to try once more to photograph the rising Crescent Moon over Mt. Hamilton. Can you see it? You may have to click the photo once or twice to view larger. Though the sky was much clearer this morning of fog, low clouds, and haze we were competing with the later hour and approaching dawn. I couldn’t see it with my naked eye. Thankfully my camera did, and I was able to tease it out using Lightroom4.

We shot the sunrise shortly after this. I hope to post a photo from that later. I used my new Solar filter for it.

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 80-200mm@200mm+ Tamorn 1.4TC| |f11| 2 sec| ISO 800| Manual Mode| Tripod|