Thursday Doors-Rural Decay Doors


Or barely seen and hanging on door and a bonus shutter door.

I’ve photographed this building several times since moving to No. NV.

Every time I go birding around this area this little cottage or storehouse calls me. I know nothing about it other than it’s an unused building on a ranch next to a place on my birding rotation.

iPhone 14 Pro

more to come…

54 thoughts on “Thursday Doors-Rural Decay Doors

    1. I recently saw a video of a couple who bought a run-down, abandoned farmhouse, and in 15 minutes that condensed 1.5 years of work they turned it into a magnificent home. As I saw this photo, I couldn’t help picture it 1.5 years later as a thriving home for someone (more DIY than me, clearly 😀 )…

    1. I did! I just got this new phone in February so I am still getting used to the camera. There’s some moire on the roof but I will try different angles and settings to see if I can minimize that going forward.

  1. I love the derelict buildings in the vastness of your state and country, Deborah. They stand so lonely and yet there were times they were full of life. It strikes some hidden sentimental snare inside me. And yes, there are places too I tend to photograph over and over again, without knowing why. I never seem to be really satisfied with the results though. So maybe it’s a quest for the perfect picture. 🙂

    1. I did know and it’s why I picked this phone. I am switching between smaller files and RAW when I use the camera depending on the scene. Sometimes I am finding the camera picks for me and I need to over-ride it. I’m still figuring it out. I’ve only had the camera a few weeks now.

        1. You’re welcome, Jet! I finished it after dinner and I did the bad guy right. I moved one guy out of the mix and the kept the other one and was right.
          I’m going to pick up the next book in the Anne Lamington series!

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