Sunday’s Sunrise 1


4 days ago this was all covered in snow, but with snow last week followed by days of rain we now have a lakeside view!

Reflections 3/12/2023

We have more rain in the forecast so I imagine this will get more water this week. We’re about 15 ft above this so hopefully we’ll be alright.

There has been some flooding around the valley already. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get really bad. The county has sandbag stations set up across the valley for anyone who wants to get sandbags. The only requirement…bring your own shovel.

I hope you all stay safe, warm, and dry!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 80-200mm| PS CC 24.2.1

more to come…

51 thoughts on “Sunday’s Sunrise 1

  1. Well … enjoy your lakeside view while it lasts. It makes a nice statement in your landscape here. A town near Telluride had some flooding a week or so ago because of some rain plus fast snowpack melting.

    1. It didn’t last long! Almost all the water is gone now there’s just lanes of water scattered throughout the open field now.
      It’s just started to lightly snow here. I hope you’re warm and cosy.

  2. Yikes! And here we’re already having “fire weather warning” in the weather report. Too bad we can’t do a bit of an exchange.
    Regardless the photo is gorgeous. I love the colors and the way the light is on the water. Stay safe and well. Hugs.

  3. I sure hope the rain doesn’t come down too much
    And ouch! Shoveling sand is serious work – I can imagine the calories burned with filling sand bags (but they sure can be effective for combatting flooding,

    1. The storm that was supposed to bring lots of rain and some snow didn’t! It only sprinkled and brought a strong wind so all this water is nearly gone along with most the snow on our yard! That’s good news!!

    1. Oh yes, new ones spotted this new lake and flew in. I saw coots, and Northern Pintails in the dying light so my neighbor and I named it Pintail Lake. 😃 It’s receded a lot!! Which is great because we’re supposed to get rain for the next couple of days.

  4. Wow, who knew you’d have premium waterfront real estate! 😉 Very pretty, Deborah, every day will deliver you some awesome reflection shots, enjoy before it recedes. And I pray it doesn’t get up near you, do be careful of the flooding.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! We didn’t have any rain or snow yesterday so the water has receded a good bit. We won’t any sandbags this time round, thankfully! 😃😍

      I hope you, and your property fair well throughout that storm! We get strong winds like that often I know how it can be unnerving having that strong wind slam into the house. Stay safe!

    1. Us too! I’m glad you’re alright. My daughter and her family in No.Calif aren’t doing as well. Their road washed out last night and this morning as more of it crumbled it took out a power pole and line! They’re stuck on the wrong side and can’t get out by car, but there’s a back path they can walk out on if they have to. What a winter!

  5. I hope YOU lot will stay dry! Sandbags are available, that could be of some reassurance. (Living in a country that is for a large part below sealevel I can relate to this.) The picture you took is wonderful. So at least there is a benefit to the situation. Stay save Deborah!

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