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I have been out photographing things but didn’t post last week so I thought I’d share some of what’s going on and what I’ve been photographing.

There’s a BIG event here at the end of January called Eagles and Ag. Ag short for Agriculture.  The Ag is grass, Cows, and sheep that eat that grass. During Calving season which is now, Eagles and Hawks make an appearance to feast on the afterbirth.

Anyway, there are talks and tours on private ranches and lands.  This was the third year I tried to get in on some tours and I finally made it to not one, but three tours! YIPEE!

One of the tours was called the Owl Prowl.  I saw Great Horned owls… too far and behind lots of branches to make good images of, and two Barn owls…I was too slow and far away so didn’t get a good shot of them while they flew by. Sigh, but I did get one Great Horned owl shot, sadly, I clipped one wing.  I was still thrilled to see it. Birds SCORE! Deborah not so much.

Great Horned Owl

I saw two American Bald Eagles, but they were so far away for my lens. I got a good look through the guides spotting scope though- no photo sorry.

We toured the wetlands behind my house and I learned a lot. These wetlands are private property and the only time the public can get in there is on this tour or you’re a member of Incline Village Hunter’s club.  The wetlands are where Incline Village drains their effluent water which creates a wonderful habitat for shorebirds, and wildlife and they have treatment ponds out there to further clean the water where it eventually flows back into the Carson River, and some are reclaimed to water a golf course or two.

It wasn’t very birdy, but the reflections in the ponds were spectacular. That’s the Carson Range.

IVGID Wetlands Tour Reflections

A few days after Eagles and Ag a couple of girlfriends and I went snowshoeing and on the way home, we saw a family unit of American Bald Eagles in a tree not far off the highway! We stopped! Almost out of range for my little Lumix FZ200, but still a nice look I think.  That’s Dad on the bottom, Mom and Jr up at the top.

American Bald Eagle Family

Then I went to Baby Girl’s for our Littlest’s first birthday party and I did a Cake Smash Photoshoot.  Baby Girl and I collaborated on decorations and props. I think it came out alright.  I did a pre-cake smash session followed by a nap, and feeding then the cake smash.

Landon's 1st Birthday Photoshoot

He wasn’t quite sure what to do with the cake, but curiosity got the best of him and he dug right in as you can see!  I just LOVE his curls!!

Landon's Cake Smash Portrait Sitting

We had another dusting of snow, so my girlfriends and I are heading to mountains a bit north of here to snowshoe in a new place today. I’m hoping to see some Chick-a-dees. They’ve been known to eat right out of your hand. I hope that happens!

That’s about it. I hope your week is off to a great start and continues to be a good one!

Panasonic Lumix FZ200| iPhone 7 Plus| Nikon D810 w/ 50mm f/1.8G lens| Hoodman and Sandisk Digital Film| PS CC 21.0.2

more to come…





55 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. This and That

  1. I’ve been showing everyone your chickadee post like you would not believe! What a neat experience!
    The views are incredible. I cannot believe the stillness of the reflection you captured. Just stunning!
    And is it me, or does that one year old have his grandma’s eyes?!?

    1. Thank you, Joey! I am hoping to get back up to see and feed the Chick-a-dees once more before they head off to where ever they go in Spring/Summer. I’m told they’re only there for Winter!

      I think he has his Daddy’s eyes, but you’re so kind to say they look like mine. 😍

  2. Hi Deborah, Very unusual events/tours. An amazing Great Horned Owl shot! I think one winged clipped is effective since it depicts motion. Huge wow on the Carson range! Your little grandson is major adorable! I love the twinkle in his eyes. And, yes, those curls! Your entire post made me smile. 🙂

  3. Birds in flight are difficult so I think you did good! The wetlands photo is very pretty … I especially like the reflection. And last … how precious … I love the props you used!

  4. NO WAY Littlest is one already! Wow. All your photos are wonderful. I actually like the wing clipped in the owl photo; I think it gives it more of a sense of motion. And the reflection shot is GORGEOUS! Of course, nothing can match that plaid-clad cutie with the tumbling curls. What priceless pictures!

  5. You’ve captured some wonderful shots, Deborah! Both of the birds and range and of the Littlest’s Birthday. I love that photoshoot set and he is just adorable!!

  6. Applesauce! Deborah, you take the most gorgeous photos. Every post, you have stunning images. I’m awed. I got a kick out of Owl Prowl. It sounds like you had huge fun. I loved the birthday photos too. Simply adorable. Hugs on the wing.

    1. Ah, Teagan you’re making me blush! Thank you so much!! The Owl Prowl is the probably the only tour I’d sign up for again it was neat and I got to see the owls within range of my eyes and lens.

      Hugs right back to you! xx

  7. I will say that was quite a catch with the family of American Bald Eagles, and the reflections of the mountain was great. But, who can concentrate on landscapes when you have that little face with the curly hair surrounded by absolutely wonderful decorations. I don’t know if he’ll appreciate the photo shoot when he is older, but his significant other certainly will. And, it is a given that all of us grandmotherly types can’t stop smiling while looking at him. 🙂

    1. Ha! Great minds! I asked the guide about it, but he said they only are out there 2.5 days a week during hunting season and that’s for hunters and they have a paid supervisor with them so the annual fee for the season is steep as you can imagine, and it would be maybe not safe with bullets flying. Still our photographer guide and the IVGID guy are going to talk about it and see if one day we can get a group of photographers in there for photography outside of Eagles and AG. Spring would be great.

  8. What a treat to see owls and eagles in the wild. You captured it beautifully, Deborah. Wow! And, the birthday cake smash is adorable. I love those curls, too. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Jennie! It is a treat to see them in the wild.
      Those curls! It looks like he’s going to have my Aunt’s auburn hair! I just love it! 😍 I’ve wanted a little red head forever!

      1. You are welcome, Deborah. Why is it the older I get the more I love and appreciate the wild? Nature is awesome! And those auburn curls…you are gonna have a ball as his Grammy or Nana. Do they live far from you?

        1. I can’t answer the first question, it too early and that one runs deep. 😀

          The boys are 3 hours away. It’s not too far away. We see them as much as we, and talk via facetime just about everyday. I love facetime! It’s a brilliant invention for Grandparents!

          1. Ah! I couldn’t answer that question till I was 60. 🙂 Three hours away isn’t bad at all. FaceTime is absolutely brilliant. It’s a grandparent’s dream. Best to you, Deborah.

    1. That was my favorite view of the day. The reflections were pretty great as the water was so still and that steely gray blue with the sky blue, and white capped mountains and golden grass was so pretty.

  9. It is so fun to see what you’ve been up to. You do seem very happy there and I’m glad. The photo of reflections is smashing!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! I am happy. It really helped having so many great neighbors, and my neighbor next door is also a photography enthusiast and we’ve been going out on photography hiking, birding adventures together, and we’re walking and hiking with 2 other neighbors. I can’t tell you what a blessing it’s been and really made settling in a breeze.

      1. What a concept….a neighbor who is also a friend! The people across the road from me are moving. Maybe whoever moves in will be a friend! I’m glad it has worked out that well for you.

  10. I can sense the enjoyment in your writing, Deborah. This move has been good for you. The photos are beautiful, especially the reflection in the water – I love that!

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! I was just telling Melissa that having great neighbors to walk and hike with has been a blessing, and one of my neighbors loves photography! How great is that? We’ve been hanging out doing photography things once a week pretty regularly.
      Settling in has been so easy. We’re both shocked that I’ve been outside in the snow snowshoeing as often as I can and the weather is sunny and not windy. 😀

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