42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Chick-a-Dee

    1. I know right! It was amazing! The Lumix
      FZ200 weighs with the battery less than a pound so I was able to easily handhold it with my right hand and depress the shutter. I’m really glad it has a short minimum focus distance!

      Thank you, Jennie!

    1. It was the neatest thing! I have no idea who started feeding these Chick-a-dees in winter, but they know if you stand there with your hand out they’ll come and eat.

      My little FZ200 has a close focus range so I was able to get the bird in focus and it’s so light I could hand hold it without any issues at all.

    1. I was so happy to have the little FZ200 Lumix with me. It’s so light that holding it and working it with one hand wasn’t an issue at all.

      I’m hoping to get back up on this mountain one more time before they migrate north.

    1. I know right! I don’t know who started feeding them, but they know it happens on this mountain and if you hike up high enough to where they are and stand there with your hand open with seeds they’ll come. It’s been happening for years I’m told.

    1. It’s going down as one of the most amazing encounters I’ve ever had. I really don’t care too much for Lumix FZ200, but I like it fine for this. It has a close enough focus distance that I was able to get the bird in focus, and it’s so light I can handhold and operate it one handed.

      I’m looking at jumping into mirrorless, but the rig I’m looking at wouldn’t be this light or focus this closely so the Lumix will stay in in my line up.

      1. Our daughter went mirrorless a couple of years ago. She loves that camera. It’s smaller and lighter than her DSLR, but probably still too big for this. Although, she would have used her phone.

        1. One of the friends I was with used her cell phone to take pictures of the chick-a-dees in her hand.

          Did Faith go with a Sony system?
          I want a lighter birding kit. I’m keeping my dslr and wide angle lenses for it.

    1. They didn’t like the trail mix. They only liked the shelled sunflower seeds and even then they would throw some over board! Picky, Picky…or saving some for later? 😉 It was an amazing experience.

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