Thursday Doors 13/52 Morro Bay, CA

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I spent the week-end in Morro Bay, CA. and of course couldn’t help but notice a door or two. 🙂

The first door I encountered that I loved were the built-in sliding blind doors that covered our sliding glass doors in our room at Embarcadero Inn. I liked them so much I’m going to have them put on our sliding glass door when we replace the 5 doors we didn’t do in the remodel last year. That will be after we finish the new retaining walls, and planting in the backyard which is happening this week.

Anyway, here’s what those blinds look like. We had a view of the Harbor, but not Morro Rock.

Rm 211 Embarcadero Inn, Morro Bay CA.

Nº 495- I liked the waves etched in the glass on this door.

Nº495 Door Morro Bay CA

Nº 830- Sun~n~Buns Bakery’s side door +1- there were delicious odors wafting from this door. It was with great will-power that we walked by it without going in. We were saving our appetites for dinner.

Nº830 Sun~n~Buns Bakery

Nº 1185- The Portal Window and flag drew me to this door, the menu drew us in for dinner. Great American Fish Co.  We both had the Mesquite Grilled Talipia. It was so tender, and good I ate the whole filet!

Nº1185 Great American Fish Co. Morro Bay

I couldn’t pass up the doors on two boats docked in the harbor. Could you? 🙂

This first one I liked how weathered the door was, and I saw an abstract image in it. I wish I had my longer lens with me just then!

Fishing boat, Morro Bay, CA

Papagallo II the yacht’s door struct me as being clean, classic, and the oak gave me the impression that it was sturdy and strong.  Is she a yacht? I don’t know boats very well, but I know what I like! 🙂

Papagallo II, Morro Bay, CA

There were two unusual  homes that I came across while keeping an eye out for doors, although one is only a partial door I hope Norm, and the Door Purist forgive me for this entry, but I couldn’t resist.

The Windmill House: Was the home of Gladys Walton the silent film star. She added on the Windmill late in her life.  She also built a Lighthouse house in Morro Bay, but I missed that one! She died in Morro Bay at the age of 90. You see, I could only see part of the upper door on the balcony, and the back door due to the fence.

The Windmill House-Morro Bay, CA

Nº 1270- The Pueblo House- I thought this house was really out of place here at the coast, but perhaps not being California. While I was taking photos of the doors, and house the owner or resident came home. Thankfully, he was really nice and thought it was cool that I was taking photos of his doors. PHEW!

Nº1270 The Pueblo House, Morro Bay, CA

Nº1270 image 2, front of the house

Nº 1270 The Pueblo House, Morro Bay, CA

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Nikon Df| Nikkor 24-70mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015

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30 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 13/52 Morro Bay, CA

    1. Thank you so much Judy! I hope I can find those blinds. Right now I’m not finding them, or perhaps I’m not calling them by the right name to make my search easier. We should start having door companies out to bid in the next couple of weeks. The back yard should be done next week. A late delivery got us a bit behind.

  1. Nic pics; will have to explore there again; was near that area last year but stayed in Cayucos (first time I ever heard of that town) and we tried to find the San Luis Obispo University trail grounds where I understood they have art and architectural design stuff to explore (never found it).

    1. Thank you so much Deb! That door was neat, and so fitting for the wood beach cottage it was made for too. That’s the back door btw. The front of the house faced the harbor. I have no idea what that door looked like.

  2. Our older daughter and I stopped in Morro Bay for part of a day last summer. The weather was terrible, but we had a good time. Lovely spot, as your photos well show. I’d love to go again in nice weather.


    1. Thank you so much Janet! I too would like to go back. We really like the area. We toured the old Piedras Lighthouse and some of Hearst’s Castle this trip too. I’d like to do some wine tasting too one day.

        1. Oh, thanks for that tip! We haven’t tried that winery.
          When He-Man and I were dating we would go to Napa and the wine country down near Gilroy on Hwy 152 West for wine tasting once a month or so. We found some lovely wines that way. Then we started our family straight-away after we got married so that all came to a halt. 🙂

          We’ve made to a place where we can do that again. YEAH!
          We like Liberty House vineyards from Paso Robles, and Harmony vineyards from Cambria or near it.
          I like reds the best, and He-Man likes whites best, so we usually buy mixed cases and enjoy both.

  3. Can see you have comfortable nights in Morro Bay! ILove the atmosphere of a coastal (CA) town – relaxed and quaint, with on most days the sun shining! My personal preference is a rustic look , so that one of the Pueblo house is my favorite:)

  4. All great choices – well done. My fave is the Pueblo House. such a different style of architecture from what we see around here every day. Glad to hear the homeowner was a good sport 🙂

  5. What a great selection of doors Deborah – you may have the bug 😉 I like the sliding blinds. When I build out our second floor, the bedroom will have a deck with a small sliding glass door. I might steal this idea for that. I love the wooden doors at the end. It was nice of the guy to understand. I’ve always wondered about those encounters.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! Aren’t those blinds neat! Those may have been faux wood as they were super light, and easy to slide. Probably easier to clean as well.
      I really like the big slats which let in a lot of light when open. Another neat thing about the slats were that one could open the top half and keep the bottom half closed or slightly opened or visa~a~versa.

      Your bedroom deck with sliding glass doors sounds lovely. It’s a huge undertaking!
      Hopefully, you’ll be posting images and tales as you build that extension so, I’ll see it and the doors.

      1. That project won’t be happening for a while. Hopefully, I will be modifying our garage this year. I’ll probably have a bunch of posts about that. I like the idea that the blinds could be open top and/or bottom.

    1. Thank you so much Lynn! I’m so glad you enjoyed the doors, and Windmill House! That was a lucky chance finding as we were driving around exploring a side of the bay we hadn’t been to before.

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