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A little bit of this and that to share today. While developing images I discovered all the images I was selecting to work on had a theme; the color Yellow.  Perhaps it’s because it has been quite nice, warm, and sunny here the last few days? I don’t know, but Yellow just feels good doesn’t it.

I took this image earlier in the year.  Male Western Meadowlark

Western MeadowLark: Male Photography

A Margarite Daisy blossom I think.

Flower- Yellow_Photography

Toys in the Sandbox

Toys in the Sandbox-Yellow_Photography

Matilija Poppy

Flower Matilija Poppy_Macro Photography

Protea from the Australian Garden in Santa Cruz, CA

Protea_Macro Photography

I hope there’s some sunshine in your life today!

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm, & LensBaby Composer Pro w/Soft focus Optic + 8mm macro converter|Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…

What’s Blooming?

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Couler’s Matilija Poppy.  I’m never sure if those I see are wild or cultivated. I’m going to say this one is cultivated since it was outside an industrial building.

I just love this Poppy. It’s my favorite of them all.  The flowers can get as big as a salad plate: 6 inches! It is the largest of any native CA plant.  Just look at all the Pollen!

Coulter's Matilija Poppy-Photography

Nikon Df| LensBaby Composer Pro w/Soft focus Optic & 8mm Macro Converter @f/4 | Delkin Digital Film| Hand-held

More to come…

What’s Blooming?

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Spanish Lavender from my neighbor Maria’s yard. She has the best garden!

Spanish Lavender Macro Photography-LensBaby

This is a hedge that we put in on both sides of our house for a little more privacy.

It’s been so many years ago that we put it in I can’t recall the name of it. It attracts the bees, and looks great when in bloom. It has red and green broad leaves and is ho-hum when not in bloom. 🙂

Privacy hedge- macro photography Lensbaby

We just had our 26 yr old railroad tie retaining wall/planter box replaced with a cement stone looking wall which meant I bought new flowers to replace those that were let go or trampled on while the wall was being installed. These are some sort of cone Daisy. I need to ask Rick our contractor what he planted. I love these!

Macro Photography-Flowers-LensBaby

Calla Lily-  I love this blossom, but have a really hard time photographing it and getting on film what I see in my head, but I adore this curve.

Calla Lily-Macro Photography-LensBaby

Nikon Df| Nikon 105mm macro lens & LensBaby Composer Pro w/Soft Focus Optic & 8mm and 16mm Macro converters| Delking Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…


Harbinger of Spring

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Harbinger of Spring

They are one of the first wildflowers to show up in Spring.  There were still good fields of them on Table Mountain the day I was there. The Goldfields were largely spent already.

Nikon Df| LensBaby Composer Pro II w/Soft Focus Optic| Hand-held| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film|developed in Adobe Photoshop CS6

More to come…

P52 31/52 Jaxon

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P52 31 of 52 Jaxon 19 months oldI’m still trying to figure out how all the bits and pieces to my LensBaby Composer Pro work. I finally put my Soft Focus Optic

in and took some photos of flowers, and a few head shots of #1 Grandson who is 19 months old now.  I like this pose the best of the three images I took.

I thought the pose fit Black & White best, and then I put an antique finish, and frame on it and really liked how it came out.

I’ve had the LensBaby Composer Pro for several weeks now, and like it, but I was having an issue with the Ball Locking, and the mounting lock. The Ball adjustment lock and the mounting lock both turn in the same direction and when ever I would turn the ball to change the point of focus it would also unscrew the lens. I kept remounting it, but nothing worked.   It wouldn’t have that secure “snap!” when twisted into place, and I couldn’t find a little dot to line up with my white dot on my camera.  Let me assure now, that I did read the manual…such as it is- multiple times. It’s a brochure that tells you how to install and remove your Optic, but there is nothing on how to mount it to your camera.  As you can imagine I wasn’t happy about that set up, and it was scary thinking my lens wasn’t really secure in the mount. I was afraid it would fall off at any time.

I finally sent a message to my friend Wayne asking him what the trick to mounting the lens so it would lock in place is? Within  a few minutes he told me there was tiny “Red” dot on the metal mount that I should match up with my camera. I looked at the mount and sure enough there it was! A tiny red dot on the metal mount. I never saw it before.  Nikon programmed me to look for a white dot since my camera and lenses all have a white dot to line up.

I remounted my Composer Pro and got that nice “snap!” into place and locked sound. What a huge relief that is! Now I like my Composer Pro a lot more!  THANK YOU WAYNE!

There’s supposed to be a dot on my Optics that you line up with the Composer Pro when installing them, but I can’t find the dots! Red or White! I’m hopeless I guess.  For now I’m lining up the notches and securing my Optics that way.  They’re secure in the Composer at least so, hopefully it’s right. 🙂

Here are a couple flower images I made using the LensBaby Composer Pro and Soft Focus Optic. I love this soft, dreamy look, and the OOF areas are smooth and creamy. Love it!

My Lantana with Soft focus Optic and +8mm & +16mm macro converters.

P52 31 of 52 Lantana_0341…and a neighbors Daisy like flower with the Soft Focus Optic

Daisy_0378 v2I’ve also got a wide-angle, and telephoto lens I need to try out. Perhaps this week-end.

Nikon D700| LensBaby Composer Pro with Soft Focus Optic and Macro Converter kit.

More to come…