What’s Blooming?

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Spanish Lavender from my neighbor Maria’s yard. She has the best garden!

Spanish Lavender Macro Photography-LensBaby

This is a hedge that we put in on both sides of our house for a little more privacy.

It’s been so many years ago that we put it in I can’t recall the name of it. It attracts the bees, and looks great when in bloom. It has red and green broad leaves and is ho-hum when not in bloom. 🙂

Privacy hedge- macro photography Lensbaby

We just had our 26 yr old railroad tie retaining wall/planter box replaced with a cement stone looking wall which meant I bought new flowers to replace those that were let go or trampled on while the wall was being installed. These are some sort of cone Daisy. I need to ask Rick our contractor what he planted. I love these!

Macro Photography-Flowers-LensBaby

Calla Lily-  I love this blossom, but have a really hard time photographing it and getting on film what I see in my head, but I adore this curve.

Calla Lily-Macro Photography-LensBaby

Nikon Df| Nikon 105mm macro lens & LensBaby Composer Pro w/Soft Focus Optic & 8mm and 16mm Macro converters| Delking Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…


20 thoughts on “What’s Blooming?

  1. Pretty images Deborah, nice to see you are using the Lensbaby and getting the results you are after. You are inspiring me to try and use mine more now that we are home and everything is in bloom. Hopefully now that we have internet I can follow you a little closer.

    1. Hi Harold! Thank you so much!

      I’m glad to hear you are safely home!
      Oh yes, break out the LensBaby! I love mine. I just love that soft focus and blur! 🙂 What optics did you get with yours? Did you get the whole creative kit? The macro converters have been so much fun to have to work with.

      I’m looking forward to your flower images! I know you’ll get the hang of the LensBaby in record time.

    1. Thank you so much Antoina! She’s got a wonderful “green thumb”. I love seeing her flowers. That Spanish Lavender has grown to be a good sized shrub these last few years. It’s a good place to look for bees too. 🙂

  2. These are beautiful. I feel your pain on the last one. I have a dozen photos of a small piece of ice on a blossom and none of them are good enough to keep. I like that soft look, and the fact that you captured the curve. No work-in-progress pictures from ripping out the tie / installing the stone ? 😦

    1. Thank you Dan! I hope you get the ice on a blossom image one day!

      I have a cell image of the yard after the boards were taken out, and some old before images of the yard with the rr ties, and I took some images of the new wall, but my memory card had a snafu and they didn’t come out. I’m going to retake them on a new card. I think it’s time to replace that particular card.

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