P52 31/52 Jaxon

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P52 31 of 52 Jaxon 19 months oldI’m still trying to figure out how all the bits and pieces to my LensBaby Composer Pro work. I finally put my Soft Focus Optic

in and took some photos of flowers, and a few head shots of #1 Grandson who is 19 months old now.  I like this pose the best of the three images I took.

I thought the pose fit Black & White best, and then I put an antique finish, and frame on it and really liked how it came out.

I’ve had the LensBaby Composer Pro for several weeks now, and like it, but I was having an issue with the Ball Locking, and the mounting lock. The Ball adjustment lock and the mounting lock both turn in the same direction and when ever I would turn the ball to change the point of focus it would also unscrew the lens. I kept remounting it, but nothing worked.   It wouldn’t have that secure “snap!” when twisted into place, and I couldn’t find a little dot to line up with my white dot on my camera.  Let me assure now, that I did read the manual…such as it is- multiple times. It’s a brochure that tells you how to install and remove your Optic, but there is nothing on how to mount it to your camera.  As you can imagine I wasn’t happy about that set up, and it was scary thinking my lens wasn’t really secure in the mount. I was afraid it would fall off at any time.

I finally sent a message to my friend Wayne asking him what the trick to mounting the lens so it would lock in place is? Within  a few minutes he told me there was tiny “Red” dot on the metal mount that I should match up with my camera. I looked at the mount and sure enough there it was! A tiny red dot on the metal mount. I never saw it before.  Nikon programmed me to look for a white dot since my camera and lenses all have a white dot to line up.

I remounted my Composer Pro and got that nice “snap!” into place and locked sound. What a huge relief that is! Now I like my Composer Pro a lot more!  THANK YOU WAYNE!

There’s supposed to be a dot on my Optics that you line up with the Composer Pro when installing them, but I can’t find the dots! Red or White! I’m hopeless I guess.  For now I’m lining up the notches and securing my Optics that way.  They’re secure in the Composer at least so, hopefully it’s right. 🙂

Here are a couple flower images I made using the LensBaby Composer Pro and Soft Focus Optic. I love this soft, dreamy look, and the OOF areas are smooth and creamy. Love it!

My Lantana with Soft focus Optic and +8mm & +16mm macro converters.

P52 31 of 52 Lantana_0341…and a neighbors Daisy like flower with the Soft Focus Optic

Daisy_0378 v2I’ve also got a wide-angle, and telephoto lens I need to try out. Perhaps this week-end.

Nikon D700| LensBaby Composer Pro with Soft Focus Optic and Macro Converter kit.

More to come…

11 thoughts on “P52 31/52 Jaxon

  1. I like to listen to your details on the processing into such luminous and filmy looking flowers, Deborah.
    I would eventually learn these procedures but think you will learn and share the wealth of beauty with us. 🙂 Thank you! ❤

  2. These are great shots! I may have to consider looking into Lensbaby products 🙂

  3. When we last conversed about the lensbaby optics I didn’t think that I would get the optional optic system, but after seeing these results it may be time to re-think. Absolutely love the dreamy shot of your grandson of course having such a handsome model doesn’t hurt either. If you were doing children’s portraits having the ability to do this would be just killer. Looking forward to seeing your results with the other optics as well

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Harold! I am really enjoying both the Double Glass and Soft focus optics, and too really like that dreamy look. I hope to get to use the wide angle and telephoto optics this week-end. They certainly have given my creativity a boost. 🙂

  4. Once again Deb, glad I could help. I too, have problems in mounting the optics to the Composer Pro. I suppose that it becomes second nature if one uses the set-up often enough, and I don’t. Love the shot of #1 Grandson and the processing you did. Seems like you’re getting good results with the Lensbaby and the FX sensor.

    1. Thank you Wayne! So far I’ve not had any vignetting or anything wonkie using my D700 with the Composer Pro. Maybe there isn’t a dot on the Optics you just need to line up the notches. 🙂
      Before you helped me out with the little red dot on the Composer Pro I “free-lensed” a couple of shots, and not because I wanted to! But they don’t look nearly as good as yours did.

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