Thursday Doors- The Pumphouse +1

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I’ve been wanting to photograph this pumphouse for a year and finally did. It’s a cute structure I think and it only holds the well water pump and water softener unit.

The Pumphouse

Not too far below this pumphouse is a lovely creek that I hiked through the bush to get down to in order to photograph some of it. Here’s one image from that adventure.

Go with the flow…

I did a fairly good job of avoiding the wild blackberry thorns, and poison oak ones too, but still had to pick off some stickers when back up on the road. 😀

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Badge by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| PS CC 23.0.0

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Thursday Doors 16/52 Guest Rooms: Hearst Castle

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In W.R. Hearst’s heyday  of the 20’s and 30’s he would invite many of Hollywood elite to “come to the Ranch and ride with me.”  Some of the famous who stayed there are:

Winston Churchill, Howard Hughes, Charlie Chaplin, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Cary Grant, Mary Pickford, David Niven, and Jean Harlow but, many more influential and famous people stayed there as well.

Hearst had rules that must be followed or you’d be asked to leave. Our guide said if you were asked to leave you weren’t invited back!

The Rules: “No drunkenness, no bad language or off-color jokes and, above all, no sexual intercourse between unmarried couples.”

Unmarried couples had to stay in a room with two beds. Each room had a bathroom.

On our tour of the upper floors we saw several of these lavish guest rooms.

Guest Rm II Door

Guest Room Door-Hearst Castle_Photography

Guest Room door detail

Hearst Castle Guest Room Door detail-Photography

Guest Room II- A dinner suit laid out for a guest on the bed as it would have been in the 20’s and 30’s.  Hearst did serve beer, and wine our guide told us, but it wasn’t allowed in the guest rooms, and neither was food.

Hearst Castle Guest Room_Photography

Guest Room Door III

Hearst Castle-Guest Room Door

Guest Room III- these rooms were off a narrow hallway on the north side of the Castle. We climbed a very narrow circular staircase to reach them. The windows of the guest rooms faced East.  The artwork, and lamps, and furnishings were gorgeous.

Hearst Castle Guest Room

The separate sleeping beds for unmarried couples was a bit hypocritical of Hearst considering he lived in the Castle with his long time Mistress Hollywood actress, and ex-showgirl Marion Davies.

This door was in the North Bell Tower .

Door in Heart Castle's Bell Tower

Nikon Df| Nikkor 24-70mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015| Hand-held

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Before and After

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The front landscaping was finished today! It took a bit longer than we thought because we had rain, then we had to wait for the fountain and trellis.  We’re just waiting for the light transformer to come in then we’ll be adding some lights to the small half round planter boxes up near the house to highlight the fountain, and trellis.


I had carpet roses put in the two big spaces lining the walkway, and there are azaleas in the two half rounds with the trellis, and fountain. I’m going to plant sweat pea to grow up the trellis, and in the little space between the lawn and upper courtyard area I’m planting bulbs of Daffodils, or Tulips. I’ll decide when I go to the garden center.

Next Spring I’ll have a little Bistro table in the courtyard up by the door.

I LOVE the fountain! It sounds lovely.

It’s probably hard to tell in these images, but we added just under 500 sq. ft to the house. It feels HUGE now.



Nikon Df| Nikon 24-70mm| Hoodman Ultra High Speed Digital Film| LR5

OT- My CS6 was somehow turned into PSCS6 Extended Trial, and I’ve been trying to get Adobe to reactivate my CS6 without success so far. I’m waiting for a Senior Technician to call me back since the lower levels of technical help couldn’t fix the problem.  It’s been very stressful trying to learn a new workflow in the meantime.

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