Thurs. Doors-The Little Church of the Crossroads


He-Man and I are beginning to explore a bit more of our new home state of Nevada this time we spent a couple of days in Elko County exploring Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains. While on the scenic highway I spied this beautiful little church and had to stop for a photo or two.

Lamoille Presbyterian Church

From the church’s website found here they say the congregation had its first church service in Lamoille in 1872, and in 1890 the Organization of the First Presbyterian Church of Lamoille was established.

In 1905 they layed the first cornerstone for the building.

Since then it has gone through some changes and even closed for a time because of a decline in population and non use. It came back though and has been restored and had a second addition added in 1983, and in 2005 the community celebrated its 100th anniversary!

Closer look at the Door
Lamoille Presbyterian Church

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Fuji X-T3| Fujinon 16-80mm| PS CC 23.5.0

more to come…

53 thoughts on “Thurs. Doors-The Little Church of the Crossroads

  1. What a lovely little church. The photo of it standing in the sun ringed by the white picket fence is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with Thursday Doors. I always like it when you join us 🙂

  2. Wondering about the name, I found an article that says early settler Thomas Waterman named the Lamoille in Nevada after a place in his native Vermont. The Lamoille in Vermont had been given its name by French settlers who moved down from Quebec. Wikipedia’s article about the Lamoille River in Vermont says this: “Legend has it that early French settlers named the river La Mouette, meaning ‘The Seagull.’ However, a cartographer forgot to cross the t’s, which led people to begin calling it La Moulle. Over time, this became Lamoille, elided in speaking.” Don’t know how reliable that explanation is, but it makes a good story.

    1. I wondered about the name too. Thank you so much for this! My problem is the pronunciation of it! Those double L’s after the oi always give me trouble in French! I asked a local how the say it and it sounded to me like Lamoulle.

      It does make a good story thank you for adding it! 😀

    2. What a terrific story: I was wondering about the name, and I love trivia, so that seems like a winner 🙂 It has me wondering about how many other places we know whose names originated in typos now long forgotten?

      1. I love trivia too! I recently went to a trivia night a local bar/grill with He-Man and #1 Grandson’s other grandparents and we came in 4th place!! We were shocked the questions were really tough. We have a name and are going back on the 5th.

        Isn’t that interesting that it was a typo that gave that town its name! Even cooler that Steve looked into it for us to enjoy!!

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