Thursday Doors- Red Door

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I couldn’t let our new Thursday Doors host have his debut and not post a door to welcome him. So, here is a lovely door all done up for Christmas that I spied while in London on January 1, 2020.

iPhone 7 Plus| PS CC 22.0.1

I wish you a fun and successful run at hosting Thursday Doors, Dan!

You can find Dan’s blog and links to other doors from all over the world here.

more to come…

43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors- Red Door

    1. Isn’t it lovely? I wonder what they’re going to do this year? It was residence building I believe. I spied it walking somewhere…I have a feeling it wasn’t too far from the original Hard Rock Cafe, but it’s been nearly a year since I saw it so…my memory is fuzzy.

      1. It’s a great shot, Deborah. The original Hard Rock Cafe is near Hyde Park Corner at the bottom of Picadilly. There are some rather lovely houses there. I hate to think of how one would cost to buy these days.

    1. Do you normally want to paint red doors black? I do like a good British Black door with gold hardware, but red doors are lovely too.

      There were so many great decorated doors at Christmas in London!

    1. We went over the day after Christmas and stayed until after the New Year. The city was crushed with people! The virus was probably making its way there then. We feel very fortunate to have made the trip and are hopeful that we’ll be able to travel again soon!

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