A Little Somethin showy for Saturday

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I didn’t want to go all week without a post so was digging through the years images and found this gem from the Spring.

Isn’t he a showy beauty? It’s a Cinnamon Teal. I rarely see them showing their colors as they’re usually in the water or curled up sleeping.

OT- There’s a Golf Cart lighted parade scheduled tonight in my community and if it’s not raining I plan to be in the driveway photographing it. I’m so glad there’s some normalcy here with lights on the houses and this planned.

What are you doing this week-end? I hope you have a lovely week-end no matter what!

Fuji X-T3| Fuji 100-400mm| PS CC 22.0.1

more to come…

45 thoughts on “A Little Somethin showy for Saturday

  1. What a beautiful duck! I’m not familiar with him…
    Last night I drove around with my daughter to see lights. One neighborhood in particular had gone all out and people were lined up in their cars to see it. We went in the back way, without realizing it, so we saw the show without waiting in line 😀

  2. Yes, he is a beauty, and he certainly lives up to his name. Deborah, I hope you can get a photo of Jupiter and Saturn on the 21st. The Christmas Star. You shine at this (pun intended.)

    1. Thank you, Jennie! I just came in from photographing the crescent moon and the conjunction! I hope I captured it well enough to share an image of it.

      I hope the sky is clear the 21st because I am planning to photograph it then too.

  3. Stunning duck, Deborah! I’ve never seen/photographed one, and I’ve tried. 🙂 Hope the golf cart parade was fun, I’d love to have my Margaritaville ‘bird mobile’ in it all decorated! 😉

  4. What an adorable little duck. I’m so glad you took the time to look through your photos for something to share, Deborah. Can you forgive me for saying “He’s absolutely ducky!”
    I’m enchanted with the idea of a parade of decorated golf carts. I hope the weather was nice enough for you to get photos. Hugs on the wing!

  5. I so l o v e it when I have the joy of seeing a cinnamon teal, espec. in the sun where their cinnamon glows. This photo is fantastic for you captured what is usually hidden under the wings in a stretching moment, and with the background of light-colored reeds…spectacular. Thank you for sharing this elegance, Deborah.

  6. I would call him beautiful, but he might prefer handsome. Either way, that is one gorgeous capture. 🙂 Yeah, for holidays lights and parades. I’ve been watching a neighbor string lights all afternoon, and on Thursday I spent most of the afternoon filling hanging baskets with greenery and winterberries. I do love this time of year, even if things are not normal in 2020. Take care, and I’ll look forward to some parade photos.

  7. He seems a little annoyed at you, but he’s gorgeous. I think if he knew you were just going to help him show off his beauty, he wouldn’t mind. That’s a great capture. I’ve never seen anything like this.

    1. LOL! Thank you, Dan! He does look a bit put out doesn’t he. He probably was going to get all comfy for a nap and I wanted him to stop and pose for me. 😀

      I looked at their territory map, and they don’t live in the Eastern part of the country. They were year round residents in Calif., but only are here in NV for breeding season.

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