Friday most Fowl!

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I was sitting on the patio with a tasty glass of rosé ( Chateau de Beaupré) the other evening thinking about posting some recent bird sightings when this new title/ category popped into my head so, here is its debut; Friday most Fowl!

Sunday morning I was up early as I am wont to be and it was lovely out so, I opened the patio door and heard the sweet melodious sounds of a chorus of birds. I did what any birder does: I quickly grabbed my camera, snatched my freshly brewed cup-a-tea and headed to the patio. Of course the instant they heard me open the sliding screen door they flew into the far bushes and trees to hide.  That was okay. I knew they’d back…this is home.

I settled in and was quiet…camera ready…letting my tea get cold. Oh, the sacrifices we make to get an image!

First back was the Female Rufous Hummingbird…a lifer for me!

Rufus Hummingbird-Female

…then the Songbirds returned,

Female Finch

a Tern made a pass over, I think it’s a Foster’s Tern?


Then Mr. Quail thought the coast was clear and hopped up on the bottom of the fence to be sure.

Male California Quail

He looked me over real good. Then decide the oldest of his brood could come up for a little look-see.  Last time I counted there were 6 little ones in his brood.

California Quail Juveniles

Then I had the biggest surprise I’ve had in birding in a long, long time.  A Male Northern Flicker landed on my fence! A Northern Flicker! Right there less than 20 feet from me!! WOW!!

Northern Flicker-Male

It only stayed a minute, but what a minute!! Of course, all the other little birds flew away, but I didn’t care just then. 😁

It was a pretty great birdy morning on my patio Sunday morning don’t you think?

He-Man was away on business most the week so I took a couple of days in the middle of that and went to Baby Girl’s to visit the Grandson’s and be there for #1’s first day of First Grade. He’s so stoked. His best friend is in his class and he likes his teacher.  A great first day!

I’ll be catching up with your posts over the next few days.  I hope you all have a wonderful week-end and Happy Friday!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 2019

more to come…






85 thoughts on “Friday most Fowl!

            1. LOL! That’s funny. Did you make it out the Valley of Fire when you were in Vegas? I haven’t been there at all and I have been to Vegas so many times, and now in NV! Not close to Vegas at all, but still. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  1. It occurred to me that although we had a vice president named Quayle we’ve never had one named Hummingbird or Flicker. We’ve never had a Tern, either, but Grover Cleveland did manage to Re-turn as president after an absence of four years.

  2. It just knocks me out that you see quail. They are gorgeous, aren’t they? And a flicker! They have a special place in my heart because when we moved to the wilds of northern Illinois they were abundant. My parents bought a couple of acres far from the madding crowd, lots of trees, and lots of flickers. Then development came and there aren’t so many flickers. After my dad passed away I’d sit alone in the house, coming to terms with him being gone and the imminent sale of my childhood home, and as I gazed out the window, I saw a family of flickers.

    1. I feel blessed and very lucky Rob. You have no idea!! Thank you so much, little one!

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend! When you’re headed my way let me know!! I’ll go out and photography with you any day!

  3. What a wonderful set of captures, Deborah!! I love watching the birds come into my backyard. I’m not very good at identifying them though…except the cardinals and woodpeckers because they’re easy. I had a hummingbird in my view just today, but he was so tiny and far away that I couldn’t make out any details.

  4. A happy first day of first grade — now that’s a terrific beginning. Deborah, so glad you could be there for it. I love your new feature title! It has a Victorian ring to it. 😉
    All the photos are marvelous. The quails are adorable and the flicker is quite handsome! Hugs on the wing!

    1. I”m so glad you like the new feature title and I’m so relieved that #1 GS is happy with his teacher and classmates! It makes school so much easier. Which for me is tricky b/c I hate Public School! I have since my Big Baby Boy was in 4th grade and that was a LONG time ago! I just hate it. I want to go back to the way they taught in the the Victorian Era. Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, Understanding life, and Math Computing were so much more advanced than it is today!! 18th Century Women who schooled at home without a teacher were more educated today than our current day students dealing with this curriculum are! Don'[t get me started on this soap box. It’s not pretty. 😭

  5. Hi Deborah, The difference for me, is it would be coffee getting cold. I am impressed you know the names of these hummingbirds. Amazing, exquisite photos! I even have goosebumps on the Northern Flicker. Thank you for your positive, beautiful post:)

    1. Hi Erica, I had to look up the type of Hummingbird this was b/c I wasn’t sure if it was this or one other type. I don’t know them that well!

      That Northern Flicker was such an amazing gift! I am still excited about it.

      Thank you for your lovely comment and visit!

  6. It seems you have picked the perfect home for a birder. They come to you!! What a delightful surprise that you can sit in your yard and simply wait 🙂

    All your photos are amazing but the one of “Mr Quail” with the green background sings out loud to me. What a handsome little guy!!

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I wish the birds come to me, but they don’t this was just such a wonderful morning. I hope it happens again!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I’m so glad you like the Quail image. That creamy background is yummy isn’t it.

  7. Didn’t check “where” my comment went, but I misread your first sentence , thinking it started with Not – instead of “Now” (should have had my glasses on!) – thought you were making a joke, lol! Had a grand time, and the house we saw was so lovely. The owners can be proud of making that their home!

  8. Oh for goodness sake! Look at you with all the pretty birdies! I’d say you’re lucky to have these birds, but it takes real talent to capture them so well! What a beautiful morning!

  9. What an excellent morning, Deborah! Reminds me of the morning in the park when I spotted the herd of deer or yesterday when I had some other fortuitous sightings. Lovely shots!


  10. Wait, #1 grandson is in 1st grade? They doesn’t seem possible.

    Great photos, and from such a convenient spot. Who knew they would come to you? Kudos for recognising the type of Tern in mid-flight. I’m lucky to identify them on the ground. Great capture of the hummingbird.

    I like this theme.

    1. He is! Time is racing by, he’s lost his baby looks completely too.

      Thanks for the Kudos! I’m not sure it’s a Foster’s but sorta looked like one.
      I’m glad you like the theme. I have lots of bird photos I can post using it.

  11. Tee-hee — I loved joining your birdy morning, Deborah. This is a marvelous, happy post. That is one very handsome quail. I don’t know what is about hummingbirds, but my heart skips a beat whenever I see one. Happy weekend. Hugs on the wing.

    1. It was so nice not carrying my backpack full of gear. 😀 Are you guys going to be near us?

      Our artist friend in the mountains is coming over tomorrow to visit. It will be nice to see her and J.

    1. Well, just sitting on the patio more must be good for our health, so yes, let’s do it when the temperature isn’t too hot! With your park-like setting, I bet you have some great birds there.

      1. We do have some beautiful feathered guests, but when I sit on the patio, the angle is not good for photos. For good photos I need to sit in the garden. But still, just watching them, even from the living-room window, is great.

  12. Wonderful photos, Deborah! Thanks for recreating the magic of your Sunday morning backyard birding. So many beautiful birds. “What a minute!” I’m also happy to hear that #1 Grandson had a good first first grade day and already has a best friend. 😊❤️

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