Whatever Wednesday-A Paddle on Lake Tahoe

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Friday He-Man and I went kayaking on Lake Tahoe. It was his first time in a Kayak and he paddled like a BOSS!

We rented our kayaks from Kings Beach on the North Shore just a 45-minute drive from home.  We hired a guide since it would be the first time for both of us paddling on the Lake Tahoe.  It was a gorgeous morning, and the water was calm; perfect for a paddle.

He-Man in his sit on top kayak- We stopped at a Hot Springs near the shore. I never knew there was a hot spring in the lake. The steel fencing under the dock is where the hot spring bubbles up. A resort pumps the hot water to their spa for guests.


Our guide Michael had us hugging the shore for some of the paddle, he said, “get your kid out cause we’re going to paddle through the rocks.”

Paddling through the rocks

That was fun, and we spied an opportunist… another Bonsai Rock on the lake?Bonsai Rock

We weren’t the only ones paddling on the lake or paddling through the rocks.  There were quite a few SUP boarders out…I really want to try that! Of course, there were some seagulls.

A View from my kayak

We paddled out two miles out of the California side of the lake to the Nevada side. Hung out a bit in 1200 ft deep water then turned around and headed back in for more tales and sights from our Kayaks.  I have more views, birds, and an interesting house to share with you in the future.

I hope your week is going well and continues to! Happy Wednesday!

Panasonic Lumix FZ200| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 20.0.5

more to come…





57 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday-A Paddle on Lake Tahoe

  1. Beautiful lake shots! I have always wanted a kayak but need a way to carrier it on the RV and need one that I feel safe to have my camera gear on. I think on it a lot.

    1. Thank you so much, John! We’re thinking on how to store, and carry them too! It’s a big footprint and we’d have two! We’re in “downsizing” mode and our space is limited too.
      Plus I need to figure out if I can manage to load and unload it on my own. Camera gear. I bought a Bridge Camera to take on the water and a dry bag to stow it in if the water gets rough or I need to be busy paddling without it in my way.

      If I lose the bridge camera in the water I won’t cry too much over it like I would my DSLR and big lens! It was compromise I could live with until I’m more experienced in a kayak and feel more comfortable taking my DSLR.

  2. That looks like such an amazing trip, Deborah. You had me until you said 1200 ft deep, then I got a little panic in my chest. lol. I’m hoping to do some kayaking this weekend (fingers crossed that the weather cooperates).

    1. If you’ve paddled out at sea like I have once 1200 ft seemed easy! At least I thought I’m still at the top of the food chain here on the lake verses the sea!

      I hope you have great weather for kayaking and have a fabulous paddle!

    1. That little fir tree growing out of the rock is lovely isn’t it. There’s a famous Bonsai Rock that gets a lot of photographer attention. Me included.
      Here’s a link to my take on that one.
      Sunset on the Lake

      I’m thrilled to have seen this little new one early on in its life. 😀

  3. Looks like fun. I don’t think the SUP people have the hang of it yet. Or maybe they were doing yoga. 🙂
    I read something about a new multi-purpose trail between Incline Village and Sand Harbor Beach. Might be a good place for a bike ride.
    Enjoy !!

    1. It was lovely! Thanks, Jamie!! I think they were just taking it easy and enjoying the rocks. Some of them were climbing the rocks and diving in.

      Yes! The trail is lovely and a lot of it finished. A bike ride might be just the thing to get me on my bike. It’s been ages since I rode it.

  4. This looks like such a beautiful location! Love the route through the rocks!! I’m so glad you got He-Man to finally go. I hope he’s completely smitten with it and will happily do more 🙂

    Were you using a waterproof camera? Last year I got a little ‘lifejacket’ for my camera so that if I ever drop it in the water, it will float. I’m not nearly so paranoid about taking photos on the water anymore.

    1. It’s lovely! Very crowded almost year round b/c it’s so lovely. I’m excited that He-Man finally went and he likes it! We’ll do this again.

      No, not using a waterproof camera or housing. I didn’t take my “good” camera though. I took my little Bridge camera the Lumix fz200. I bought for kayaking and for those times I want something a bit better than my iPhone, but not cry too much should it over the side of the kayak.

      I keep it in a dry bag if the water gets rough.

        1. LOL! That was me too! Since moving somethings I put in “new” places and now am having a hard time finding them. I went to the drawer I always kept my dry bag in and it wasn’t there. I looked for a whole day and finally found it hanging with my reflectors! I put back with my reflectors so, hopefully my brain knows that’s its new home. I hope you find yours for your next paddle!

  5. Nice to find another activity in your new home area (who wouldn’t enjoy paddling on Lake Tahoe).

    Bonus, paddling is a great upper body exercise so you get to enjoy the scenery and get cardio and strengthening exercise at the same time. Double bonus, do enough paddling and your 500 mm lens will start feeling lighter and less need to use the tripod!

    1. Oh, I would be in full blown Mother mode all over you about being in the water! Number 1 Grandson and Baby Girl get a lot of that because he can’t swim very well at all.

      It was a fun morning! Thank you Teagan! xx Hope you have a lovely week-end!

      1. LOL. When I was a kid, I used to bravely go wherever my float would take me — as long as the people on the shore didn’t look too tiny. (Of course there had to be a float!) I’m not that brave any more. I took lessons twice as an adult. It didn’t take. Now I probably have too much fat to sink, but I’m still staying land-bound! 😀

        1. I can swim, but I never got the breathing thing so I don’t do that. That’s #1 Grandson; always in a life-jacket and has a rope to the buoy and houseboat to cling to. Still I freakout and drive my daughter nuts.

          Hey, fat floats! That’s the only good thing I can say about my body fat. At least I popped back up when we flipped the floating hot dog. 😀

    1. We’re counting our blessings everyday! We still are pinching ourselves that we are living here.

      There’s a padded back rest in this model, but personally owned ones have padded seats too. That’s what I’m wanting. I did have bench butt after sitting on the un padded seat for 3 hours.

    1. Oh, thank you for the recommendations, John! I’ll look them up on Yelp and see if they’re still around. We are counting our blessings everyday since finally moving over. It’s already been 3 months!

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