Thursday Doors Nº302

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A friend came up to meet me for a meet-up over the week-end and after a long day of hiking, and elevation gain she spent the night in our guest room. We both were a bit wiped out after 8 miles of hiking and several hundred feet of elevation gain so, we stuck closer to my area rather than go hiking again on Sunday.  I’m still suffering from elevation sickness when going up, and so was she.  I hope this isn’t going to be an issue for my whole life!

My left hip was really achy too and has been for a year or more. Anna, my friend suggested P/T for it. That got me thinking about stretching so I dug out my Yoga book and Monday I added 4 stretches to my morning routine that I have left out for a couple of years. After 3 days of incorporating the hip stretches my hip feels so much better! I love yoga stretches!

Anyway,  I digress. One of the things she wanted to do was see the area so we did a photo walk of downtown Carson City’s Civic Center. Carson City is the closest “biggish” town to me now.

Thankfully, Carson City has kept some of its old west charms and St Charles Hotel/The Fox BrewPub is a Historic building located across the street from the Capitol Building that is one of those charming buildings that has been preserved and is still in use today.  Carson City is the Capitol of Nevada for those out of the country who may not know that.

Copyright © 2019 Deborah M. Zajac

For the History Buffs, I gleaned some information about the Hotel/BrewPub from Carsonpedia. I’ve linked their page below.

“The hotel was originally built as two separate buildings. The northern, three-story, section was started on April 1, 1862, and was named the St. Charles Hotel. Construction on the southern two-story building started one month later, and it opened as the Muller Hotel. The builders were George W. Remington and Albert Muller, and they partnered with Dan Plitt who owned a bakery on the corner where the hotel was to be built. The hotel was first advertised in the October 2, 1862 edition of the Silver Age newspaper. It was called “the most desirable and commodious first-class house in Carson,” and “the pleasantest resort in Carson and where everything kept by the bar is the best quality.” ~

Isn’t it interesting that no one of those who were invested in or partnered in the venture was named Charles?  Who was Charles? I want to know. Was it a neutral name that all could agree to so no one was bigger or more acknowledged than the other?

The Hotel has had some successful years and quite a few failed years and has had 8 name changes since its construction in 1862 and a few owners.

I love how literate the people were back then. No one says commodious anymore and it’s a terrific and descriptive word.

It is said that Mark Twain likely had a drink there since he lived in Carson City for a spell. I wonder if that was after his friends saved him from a pistol duel that he was challenged to in Virginia City where he lived for a couple of years? It’s said his closest friends knew he was a really bad shot and wanted him to live and continue writing, so they helped him get of town in the dead of night to avoid the duel.  I’ll have to research that.  I do know that he and his brother traveled by an Overland Coach to Carson City from St Joseph, Mo. in 1861 for $150.00! That was a princely sum in those days! I’m gobsmacked that they paid so much then! Are you?  He wrote about his journey to Carson City in his book Roughing It. I bought it and have been slowing reading it.  It’s really good! FYI. There’s a really great Mark Twain Impersonator in Virginia City. One day I hope to find him alone without some modern person speaking to him to get a photo of him. He’s really great, but there’s been a modern person speaking with him both times I’ve come across him, and I waited, and waited, and waited, Good Lord these people can talk! I have given up both times and moved on after 5 minutes. I just don’t have the patience to wait that long for a “people” shot.  I’ll wait hours for a landscape or night sky shot, but not a people shot. My heart just isn’t in it.  Hat Tip to those who will wait for that shot! You are amazing!

I digress again! History has so many twists and turns that I tend to get caught up in one or another and go off on tangents for awhile. I eventually come back to the point but…I love history. That probably should have been my major, but it wasn’t.  It was my son’s though ( Big Baby Boy)…so the beat goes on. 😀 I’m talking way too much, aren’t I…

Today in 2019 it is the Historic St. Charles Hotel/Fox BrewPub

If you’re interested in reading its history click the link to read it. It’s a short read.

The door is small from this angle, but I loved the whole building with its red bricks, door, white trim, and balcony. I didn’t get closer for a close up of the door and now that I’m typing this up I thought, ” DOH! We should have had lunch there!”  We didn’t.  We went to a new to me but a new favorite of mine called Jimmy Johns.  I love their Tuna on Thick Wheat Bread. Do you have a Jimmy Johns where you live? We didn’t in Silicon Valley.  I need to snap a photo of the sandwich too! I’m usually so hungry by the time I get to the restaurant or deli that I inhale my meal and forget to get a photo of it. Sigh…I’m not a good foodie photog.

I think if the topic fit I should have written this for Stream of Consciousness Saturday cause I’m digressing all over the place, but… it’s not. So, a little bitty view of a red door on very cool Historic building with a whole lot of verbiage is what I’m bringing today to Thursday Doors.

This is part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.  If you have a door or two to share head on over to his blog and join in the fun or just head over and see the doors others have shared from all over the world. Just follow his directions at the end of his Thursday door post.

CarNikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 20

more to come…



57 thoughts on “Thursday Doors Nº302

  1. Great post!
    We DO have Jimmy Johns and Mentor orders it all the time and I have tried several sammiches, including tuna, but they do not like me, do not agree with me. Still, Mentor often gives me her pickle 🙂
    I’ve not been to Carson City, and despite having heard so much about it, this is the first pic I’ve seen. That brewery-slash-hotel is charming!
    So sorry the altitude affected you like that. When I was out west, I did not have altitude sickness as many in my group did. I didn’t even understand it, I was just glad I could eat my oatmeal. I didn’t have any allergies in the mountains, and having suffered all my life, I felt sorta euphoric. All these sick people and me with my clear eyes, nice breathing, no blowing my nose all morning, no pukey exhaustion — It was a blessing! But in my younger years, I also didn’t have vertigo, and so now, I don’t know how much elevation I want in my life. But I’m glad I did the things then 🙂

  2. I like the digressing. I stuck with you through the whole story. Yes, we have Jimmy Johns here. I prefer Subway because of the owner at mine. She knows me & almost all her customers so it’s comforting to to in there. Great historical piece on Carson City. I want to move close to Vegas because I love the birding so much. Not sure that would happen. Too far from the grandkids.

    1. We’re only 3 hours by car from our grandsons so it’s nice. It would very hard to move further away from them so I get where you’re coming from, but Vegas is so huge and populated now I wouldn’t move there although when we were young we said we would retire there, but it was a lot smaller then.

  3. I love this, Deborah! I learned more about Mark Twain and the charming, commodious hotel. Sneaking out in the middle of the night at great expense- very exciting. Your photo is stunning, as always. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Jennie! I’m chuffed that you used commodious! I love those old words.

      Baby Girl is here today and we are planning a trip to Virginia City. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this time I see the Mark Twain impersonator sans people so I get a photo of him!

  4. Of all things, I missed YOUR Thurs. Doors! Can see that you’re exploring your new area. Love the feeling of spaciousness, that i also see in your image here.

  5. I hope that yoga stretches are continuing to work wonders! I’ve been dealing with sciatic pain slowing me down for a while and finally went to a chiropractor. I’ll begin incorporating some gentle exercises next week. That’s such fascinating history! I didn’t love history until recently, but now I love to know it all. 🙂 We do have a Jimmy John’s although I think I’ve only been to it in different cities. lol. I wasn’t eating bread at the time and appreciated that they can do the sandwiches on a lettuce wrap…and they are sooo good!

    1. I hope the chiropractor and stretching help your sciatic pain! I have two neighbors here suffering with that. One had surgery a couple of weeks ago and she’s walking everyday and coming along slowly, but coming back. The other doesn’t know what to do and is thinking about surgery. In the meantime she’s had an epidural. She can’t walk any further or with more comfort than before the shot so…I don’t know what the point was of that. It’s hard seeing her in pain. I hope she finds something that helps, and I hope you do too!

      Regarding bread: I only eat half or less of it. It’s so good I want some, but not all the calories that go with it!

      1. Thanks. My chiropractic visits do seem to be helping. I’ve had back issues since my early 20’s so I’m happy that I’ve been able to self-manage so far.
        I’m going to be cutting back again on the bread. There’s definitely been some type of shift that’s going to require me to be even more mindful of my eating.

  6. Lovely door and history lesson. I find history fascinating now, but when I was younger I thought it was boring. A few years ago, we toured the Mark Twain home in Hartford, CT, and found it absolutely riveting to hear about him and his interests. Maybe we do gain a little wisdom with age especially when it comes to appreciating history. 🙂 Hope your elevation sickness goes away because that could put a cramp in your hobbies, but glad you figured out how to cure your hip pain. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! I do think we gain wisdom with age. I have anyway, but I have a long way to go! We passed a marker on the way to the lake this past week-end that said Mark Twain Cabin. It was very near Angel’s Camp where the Jumping Frog competition is and I know he lived there too. I wish had had time to stop going or coming, but we didn’t this trip. Next time I’ll allow extra time for it and hope He-Man is game.

      I hope one day hiking it just doesn’t happen. It never was an issue when I was a kid. I’m hoping I have found a cure for my hip pain! Time will tell.

  7. Thank you for reinforcing the yoga stretches, Deborah. I always wonder whether they help, until I stop doing them. Thanks for clarifying how Carson City is the capitol. Yes on “commodious”:) Interesting and entertaining post, Deborah:)

    1. Thank you so much, Erica! Isn’t it funny how going along doing something you don’t really notice a change, then you stop doing the something and then discover it did work!
      That’s been my experience with stretching out.

      I’m so glad you didn’t mind my rambling! 😀

  8. What a great landmark and capture! Some of the Old West towns had some really cool architecture. I hope your elevation sickness goes away. We live at 8,000 feet and hike and jeep up to 12,000. The tallest mountains are 14,000. I have never heard of anyone not getting used to the elevation. Plenty of water is important.

    1. Ha! I missed that bit of info Marian! Thank you!
      Woman, you crack me up! “Excuse me, don’t let me interrupt, but could you step back for just a couple of secs while I snap this shot?”
      Excuse me, don’t let me interrupt you, but! 😂😂😂😂 I love it!

      I’m going to have try it myself.

      1. I’m a lifelong east-coaster who hasn’t spent much time west of the Mississippi. I’ve been in California, Oregon and Utah, but never in Nevada or any other states out there. Hope to remedy that sometime soon!

        1. …and I haven’t spent much time in the East or Northeast! I’ve only been to DC, NYC once. I’ve been to many southern and western States, but I’ve not been to a few of the Flyover states and would like to visit those too. It would be neat to visit all 50 wouldn’t it?

          I suppose for most people the big draw to NV are the shows and casinos. There’s more to do we’re discovering!

          1. Yes, I’d love to visit all 50 states! I recently watched a movie on Amazon Prime, “National Anthem Girl,” about a young woman who set out to sing the anthem in every state before its 200th anniversary in 2014.

  9. Great photo and story. You are a bit chatty. Wine? LOL If we all learned something new today we can thank you. Thanks for sharing !!

    1. Thanks, Brian! Really? I thought there would only be one ad in the space WP says they’ll put an occasional ad. I only pay for my domain name at this point. I haven’t upgraded beyond that…yet.

  10. Well, the hotel was a nice find; never visited Carson City but I haven’t been to many small towns in NV so that’s something for future exploration. After reading this, I’m glad I did not make that meetup; I knew from the description that it would be too challenging for me these days but glad that you guys made it to the event.

    1. We had a hiccup though. We never did meetup with Anna! She ended up doing her own thing and we met up at the end of the day. Getting to the waterfall was the most challenging. I gave up on that one after having to slide down a big boulder. I wondered how I would get back up! My hip was really aching by then, and I was still fighting Elevation nausea. It’s no fun! We definitely would like a do over.
      Next year most likely.

      Carson City has it’s charms I’m finding.

      Thank you so much for the comment, and I’m glad you made it home safely!

  11. I love this post, Deborah. Your rambling was so much fun to follow. I’m glad your exercises are helping, and I hope you get used to the altitude before much longer. I’m guessing the hotel was named after the St Charles Cardinal guy that had something to do with some big church thing. There’s no shortage of stuff named for him. I know what you mean about not waiting for people shots. I usually give up and snap with the long-talker in view.

    1. You’re probably right about its name.

      I’ll wait nearly all day for a bird or other wildlife, stars, or the right light to show up, but people…I just don’t have the passion for that.

      It’s amazing how good something as simple as stretching out is so good for the body! If I keep it up I am hoping it does the trick. Elevation sickness. Hopefully, it’s not going to be a thing. Although I know people who have suffered with it forever. I hope one day while hiking it just doesn’t happen. I didn’t have it as a kid. I guess too many years as an adult living at sea level did me in.

  12. I loved reading this Deborah, a meandering river of words full of interesting information. I had to look up Carson City on Google Maps. I turns out that I must have been rather close to the city when crossing the Rocky’s on my way to California. Wonderful landscapes there! The picture of the hotel and streets is great. I know too want to know who this (Saint ?) Charles was! 🙂 I never knew Twain had an impersonator. Time to re-read Huckleberry Finn again.

    1. “meandering river of words.” Yep, that’s what it was!

      If you were close to Carson City were you coming up or down US 395 to get into California over the mountains? It’s a gorgeous drive that way.

      1. It indeed was a gorgeous drive. I had to go up north quite some miles to find a pass that was open. Although early october it had been snowing. I remember coming down the slope into the lush greenness of California. I thought of the travellers back then who must have experienced the same after the journey through the deserts and over the mountains. Paradise at their feet. But I fancied the eastern side of the mountains just as much. You folks got a marvelous countryside at hand!

  13. Thanks for the information about Carson City. I know nothing about the city yet it sounds and looks charming. A place to visit, putting it on the list. Your photo of the hotel/brew pub is gorgeous.

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