Whatever Wednesday-A Paddle on Lake Tahoe

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Friday He-Man and I went kayaking on Lake Tahoe. It was his first time in a Kayak and he paddled like a BOSS!

We rented our kayaks from Kings Beach on the North Shore just a 45-minute drive from home.  We hired a guide since it would be the first time for both of us paddling on the Lake Tahoe.  It was a gorgeous morning, and the water was calm; perfect for a paddle.

He-Man in his sit on top kayak- We stopped at a Hot Springs near the shore. I never knew there was a hot spring in the lake. The steel fencing under the dock is where the hot spring bubbles up. A resort pumps the hot water to their spa for guests.


Our guide Michael had us hugging the shore for some of the paddle, he said, “get your kid out cause we’re going to paddle through the rocks.”

Paddling through the rocks

That was fun, and we spied an opportunist… another Bonsai Rock on the lake?Bonsai Rock

We weren’t the only ones paddling on the lake or paddling through the rocks.  There were quite a few SUP boarders out…I really want to try that! Of course, there were some seagulls.

A View from my kayak

We paddled out two miles out of the California side of the lake to the Nevada side. Hung out a bit in 1200 ft deep water then turned around and headed back in for more tales and sights from our Kayaks.  I have more views, birds, and an interesting house to share with you in the future.

I hope your week is going well and continues to! Happy Wednesday!

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more to come…





Kayaking in Santa Cruz

Kayaking in Santa Cruz, originally uploaded by dmzajac2004-.

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I had an Open Deck Kayak lesson out in the Pacific Ocean a couple of weeks ago. I have to tell you it was quite scary and exhilarating at the same time.
My first thought when we were paddling out beyond the buoy was, ” I’m not at the top of the food chain out here!”
We started the morning gray and overcast as we paddled south toward Capitola.
I started out with a longer Red Kayak but was having difficulty steering it even employing the Rutter so in the middle of ocean the instructor and I with the help of my friend Dali made a switch. Marc and Dali pulled up on either side of me, Dali and Marc held my kayak steady and I slid over to this kayak that Marc was in then once I was in I held the kayak for Marc and he slid into the Red one. What a feat!
No one got wet either.

We nearly made it to Capitola before turning around and coming here. As you see the sky was clearing up by this time. From here we headed back to the harbor and the end of the adventure.
I like the closed deck kayak better now that I’ve tried both.

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