Thursday Doors: Firehouse Nº12

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I’ve admired this firehouse/station ever since we started looking to buy a house in Carson Valley back in 2016, and I’ve been planning to photograph it with some clouds and color since moving into our house this Spring.  Finally, we got some clouds that looked like they might hold some color so I grabbed my camera, tripod, keys, wallet, and a spare battery and headed to the firehouse.  There was some color!

Firehouse Nº12

This is probably the firehouse that would service my neighborhood, but other than it being one of the nicest looking fire stations I’ve seen I know nothing about it.

This is part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors.  If you have a door or two to share head on over to his blog and join in the fun or just head over and see the doors others have shared from all over the world. Just follow his directions at the end of his Thursday door post.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 20mm/ f/1.8G| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 2019

more to come…



39 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Firehouse Nº12

    1. Isn’t it lovely? Thank you so much, Jennie!

      Guess what? Nah, I’ll tell you. #1 Grandson asked me to read him Charlotte’s Web last night, so we read until well past his bedtime via facetime. It’s been sometime since I read it. It’s a great story! Lots of good vocab too!

  1. My reaction was the same as Erica’s. I’m amazed at your ability and tenacity to visualize a photo and then wait for the conditions to present themselves. I guess this is the hallmark of a good photographer 🙂

    1. I’m emulating many, many great photographers that teach previsulization. I hope I’m on the right track, because I often have a shot in my head, that I hope I can make.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment and compliment! I’m going to float on it today. xx

  2. That is one impressive firehouse. I bet they’d like this photo for a calendar cover. 🙂 And, thanks for leaving your snowy header shot because the humidity is 94% today, and I needed that cool vision before heading out to work. 🙂

    1. I’m glad my header gave you a nice cool vision on such a hot and humid day.

      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment on my image and the idea. I’ll email them a copy of the image.

      I hope it’s cooler there now!

  3. A beautifully designed firehouse, you’re capture is gorgeous, Deborah. A shout-out to the firemen and firewomen who risk their lives every day to save us and our buildings, thank you!

    1. Love the shout out! One of my next door neighbors is a retired Battalion Chief and I’ve thanked her numerous times already. She and those in that field of service are so brave!

      It is one of the nicest looking firehouses I’ve seen. Thank you so much, Donna!

    1. It is large. Reading a little about it they have a lot of personnel rotating through it. They’re a firehouse/EMS all risk station they say.

      I hope I never need them too! I’m grateful they’re there and brave enough to handle all they face though!

    1. Oh, your number 39 looks so similar to the number 12 station here! It must be a “look” they’re going for. Ours is a firehouse/EMS all risk station they say. I’m grateful to have one nearby, but I hope I never need it!

      I wonder how and where they dry their hoses; I don’t see a tower for it? If I ever see them and they’re not busy I’ll ask.

      Thank you so much for sharing your post, and for the lovely compliment and comment, Joey!

  4. Oh wow! I love that you anticipated the possibility of this beautiful composition, Deborah. Your sudden trip to the firehouse was certainly rewarded. It’s stunning. Hugs on the wing.

  5. This is a wonderful picture Deborah. A great compositional use of your wide-angle lens again (wich I admire) And there indeed IS colour! One could say the sky is… well… on fire, if this pun wouldn’t be a bit to obvious. 🙂

  6. Hi Deborah, I am in awe as to how you plan and compose your photos. Your photos are stunning! You remind me how I should be using my tripod more often. Your blog site is always a feel good place, almost like a mini meditation for me. Thank you for sharing:)

      1. I put tripod on my camping list just now. Thank you for the reminder. I will experiment since I have never used one. I am a true amateur:) Thanks again, Deborah:)

        1. Do some night/low light photography routinely and you’ll soon get used to using it, and here’s a rule I use. If I bring my tripod I’m using it. No sense in bringing it and not using it!
          The danger is finding you love it and like me, you take it everywhere, or you find you haven’t got the right set of legs or ball-head. Doh! That happened to me. My ball-head wasn’t good enough so I upgraded, and while I was at it I upgraded to lighter legs since I was hiking all the time back then.
          Let’s hope yours is perfect for you and your gear!
          Let me know how it goes! xx

          1. Great information. I will definitely play with what I have. I do find I have issues with many photos and I think it is due to slight movement, vibration. As I am learning in other parts of my life, there are things I wish I would have started sooner. Tripod is likely one of them. I will let you know my results:)

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