Wild Weds. 50/52 I spy…

Copyright ©2018 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

…Mule Deer!

I spent a long week-end in the Eastern Sierras with friends and had a blast and saw some amazing wildlife. This Buck and Doe were chilling in the morning sun.

Mule Deer Buck

Mule Deer Doe

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm @500mm| Hoodman STEEL Digital Film| PS CC 2019

more to come…

44 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 50/52 I spy…

  1. Such beautiful creatures and images! We have a ton of mule deer on the mesa where I live and we love watching them. I saw a big buck last night when pulling into our neighborhood and stopped with my camera. The light was low so I hope they come out.

  2. Hi Deborah, I came across your site from Amy’s Bedlam and Daisies. You have some beautiful photos on your site! I am more of a point and shoot photographer although, I love taking photos.

    1. Hi Erica! Thank you so much for stopping by and for the lovely comment!

      You don’t know how many point and shoot photographers I know that are so much more talented than I’ll ever be! I saw some of your images and you’re GOOD!

  3. Wonderful! I wonder if she goes home to talk about the human who caught her lookin pretty? “Jack, you’ll never believe how close I was to a human today! A perfect specimen, stunning cheekbones, gorgeous fur!” 😛

    1. ROFL!!! That’s hilarious! Yet, now I wonder? One Doe gave me a kiss! I like to think of it as a kiss, but she cautiously approached me and licked my outstretched hand then jumped back as if she’d done something wrong. She didn’t and I tried ever so hard to coax her back, but she was timid, and feeling less brave so, I let her be and moved away to help her feel safe.

      A Doe’s tongue is so soft! Not wet or slimy…just pillow soft. That amazed me! I really hope I meet her again.

      One of my friends may have a made an image of that encounter. I’m waiting to hear if they did. The same Doe kissed two of my friends and I have images of that which I’ve shared with them. The kiss I got happened so fast and after she kissed them, it might not have been recorded on film. Perhaps, by the time she got to me she was thinking she was being foolish and risked too much? Or I was filled with fear and doubt and she sensed that? I know Deer are dangerous and have killed or hurt too many people getting too close, and I do want to keep them wild and not people friendly. I do. I don’t want them to get comfortable with people. People are hunters. As a child, I was one. Venison is good food. I don’t want them to trust people. I want to keep them wild, but the other part of me wants that interaction, and kiss. There’s a part of me that feels she felt that and jumped back to protect herself. Yet, I will go back and maybe she’ll find me again. Fingers crossed she hasn’t been hit by a car or killed some other way.

      1. That is so neat! I have never been that near to a deer, let alone given a kiss! I hope your friend offers the shot to you. How precious!
        We can love the doe and still find her tasty. I understand how you feel about it — respect for animals and their way of life. Nice to be part of it, but for a moment.

    1. The bushes are tall, and the reeds are reddish this time of year and very pretty with the deer laying here and there in it.

      Thank you so much Dan! I just opened your post about Sunday’s Walk with Maddie. The opening line doesn’t sound good. Going to find out if the lady with the walker was in the park or what happened now.

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