48 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 49/52 Song Sparrow

  1. Hi Deborah, I love this photo!! 🐦❤️ The songbird looks like it is singing away… and I like the contrast of the foliage it is on – do you know what plant it is? 😊

    1. Cobus! How are you and the family? I have been thinking about you since I read about the upheaval in South Africa. I hope you and yours are fine and are making plans to stay fine!
      If I can help just holler!

      1. Thanks Deborah! We and ours are well indeed. It is troubling times and we have made adjustments ensure we are keeping safe.

  2. Beautiful photo, Deborah :-). I love the golden light and the clarity of the pretty bird and perch. I think your bird might be a juvenile brown-headed cowbird (based on a photo I saw on All About Birds). The bird’s face lacks the song sparrow’s various dark brown stripes.

      1. I don’t see juvenile brown-headed cowbirds very often, so I’m not 100% sure of my ID. Your golden photo of one is way prettier than any other photo I’ve ever seen. I’m dreaming of the early morning golden light of June… Mmmmmm. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Gordon! This little bird is one from an early morning over to the slough to see the juvenile kites. That seems so long ago now doesn’t it?

      I’m heading over the LONG way round to avoid an passes, and chain requirements so it’s going to be a LONG drive going and coming back, but I hope worth it. They had snow again last night so the mountains should be gorgeous.

      Hope you have a lovely week-end too!

        1. Thank you so much Lynn! I hope you are soon capturing wonderful images of birds singing in your area with your new zoom lens. I know it’s been a desire of yours for a long time.
          If I can help with settings or technique just holler! I’m not a professional, but I know a little something about birding that might help get started. xx

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