Thursday Doors: Ventana Grill

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In March He-Man and I went to Pismo Beach to celebrate our 36th Wedding Anniversary which you can read a little about here.  After unpacking and wandering around the hotel grounds we decided to stay close and have dinner at Ventana Grill which was right next door to our hotel. We could have drinks with dinner and not worry about getting back to our room; we could just walk.  The menu looked really good, and the dinning room was filling up when we arrived.

We ordered cocktails, and took them out to the balcony to watch the sea and talk while we waited for our table.  Blue Moon for him, and a Margarita on the Rocks w/salted rim for me.

Drinks on the Balcony Ventana Grill

Dinner:  It’s Latin American Seafood fare here. We ordered a meal in a stone pot. It came with Crab legs, clams, white fish chunks, a Ginormous pepper that He-Man liked, and shrimp, and the sides were rice, beans…

Molecajete Ventana Grill

…and corn tortillas made right there on site.  They were so tender, and tasty!

Making Tortillas Fresh

We entered through a side glass door that was pretty ho-hum, boring, but we left…nearly had to be rolled out; we were so fat from dinner through the lobby where there were more tables, and a wall displaying vintage surf boards.  I like the hanging lamps as much as the surfboards. 🙂

Vintage Surf Boards Ventana Grill

We exited the entrance doors, and the waiter called us to come back b/c He-man had forgot to pick up his credit card. That’s only happened twice! It was a pretty tall Blue Moon, and I like to think he was distracted by me. (Fluttering eyelashes coquettishly) Anyway,  🙂 I waited outside and when we turned around to see and engage the waiter about the card look what I saw.

Vintana Grill Entry Doors

The waiter, He-Man, and those doors couldn’t get out of my way and close fast enough for me and my camera to start framing and making images! There were a couple of other couples  entering I had to wait for too. 🙂

This venue really checked off a lot of our boxes…beach, rose pedals on the bed, a bottle of wine in the room, a gorgeous sunset, a fantastic dinner, a quiet room, comfy bed, plenty of cuddle time, late check out, and even Doors! 🙂

This anniversary week-end is going down as one of the best in our years together.

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I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 2017

more to come…


43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Ventana Grill

  1. Oh my goodness!! I am late to the fun post which encompasses so much lovely and juicy parts!
    The beverages look delicious, especially yours! I would much rather have a margarita over rocks then the frozen kind. Yummy!
    The wooden carved doors are fabulous and a work of art!
    I hope I wished you a happy anniversary when it was upcoming, Deborah. Happy memories made, for sure! 💑 💕

  2. It looks like a beautiful place to take in dinner! Salt-rimmed margaritas are awesome and at the beach makes them even better. At least that was my observation over the summer 😉
    Those doors were stunning as well! I can see why you were excited to capture them.

  3. Well I’d wish you a happy anniversary, but sounds like you got that one in the bag, so I’ll wish you many returns of the same! Beautiful images.

  4. Perfect anniversary celebration! I really enjoy a draft Blue Moon with an orange slice. I can also enjoy any type of Margarita because I love them, but I need to be near a bed because they cause me to have a strong desire to lay down and go to sleep. Therefore, I stick with the Blue Moon otherwise I’d miss the dining experience. 🙂 And, I learned something because I had to look up Pismo Beach to see where it was on your coast. 🙂

  5. It really does sound wonderful! Margarita especially…
    Our anniversary is later this month and you’re the second I’ve read today, celebrating. Are we trending?!? lol
    I love the doors, and I’da been all over those as well. Yeah, gorgeous doors and margaritas! Woot! Sign me up!

    1. Oh gosh, it does sound like we’re trending!
      Since we did this in March I got to relive it a bit via the images I took.

      I hope you’ve got something perfect in mind for you and the Mister for your anniversary. He-Man’s birthday is later this month so I have been thinking about something to do for that. It may include a margarita for me. 🙂

        1. I just read Judy’s blog post about celebrating their wedding anniversary for a week. I love that idea. I am writing myself a note and sticking on my calendar with a reminder to borrow this idea next year.

          You’re Anniversary is on the Solar Eclipse Day? That’s bound to mean great things. 🙂

  6. Guess I missed your anniversary, but now you have been here, you understand why I scaled back much on blogging the last few months:):) Wow, this looks like a beautiful hotel, Deborah! The right atmosphere for an occasion like an anniversary:) A gorgeous door towards the patio – totally what Californians like:)

  7. Isn’t it wonderful when everything comes together beautifully – with bonus doors to top it off!!!
    I predict you will be returning there before the next anniversary! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Camie!
      I’m looking forward to hearing about your upcoming get away with your husband to Yellowstone!

      I’ve been 4 times, and it’s snowed each time. In the Summer! The first time it was a full on blizzard! Take a warm coat just in case! 🙂

  8. How marvelous! My favorite kind of experience. Great food, good company, booze, sunset, booze, ocean views, booze, great service, thos ahhhmazing doors and…oh…did I say booze? 😉💕

  9. Beautiful photos, Deborah. That seafood pot looks delicious. I’m reading this t 7:20 am and I’m hungry (and thirsty). The entrance doors are a work of art. I know that “come on, come on, get out of the way” feeling once you’ve found a door you must photograph. Time really moves too slow at that point.

    Pismo Beach was a stop on my honeymoon with the ex. I am totally substituting this post for those memories. If anyone asks me if I nkow anything about Pismo Beach, I’ll say “yeah, a friend of mine wrote a blog post about it. she mentions a great seafood restaurant…” Yep, that’s my new story 🙂

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