Thursday Doors 50/52

Copyright ©2016 Deborah M. Zajac  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Green Doors- gleaned from walk abouts in San Jose West, and San Francisco, CA.

Colorful Doors

Green Door

N°2020 Green Door

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2017

This post is part of Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors.  If you love doors and would like to see the doors others are posting, or post doors you’ve photographed and join other door lovers from around the world click here.

At the end of Norm’s latest Thursday Door post is a little Blue Link-up/View button click it to be taken to a page with all the links to view all the posts, and add your own if you’re a door enthusiast too.

More to come…

29 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 50/52

  1. The pastel green, lavender time and cream or white trim was my favorite triple threat door presentation, Deborah. I liked the other choices for their different styles and formal versus informal doors. 🙂

      1. When I use my cell phone I often push post comment before I proofread. Lavender “tint” was the real way I meant to describe the mint green and light lavender door (and window) set. Enjoy your rest of the holiday season! xo

  2. ‘Green door’ (By Shakin Stevens) and all those ‘steps’ (I think they covered Tragedy by the Bee Gees) reminds me of a pub with a dodgy jukebox I used to frequent. Nice post and photos, Deborah. 🙂 (Sorry about the English influenced humour)

    1. I know I love the 3 color scheme on homes like this, but I wouldn’t have chosen those colors if it were mine.

      Regarding my watermark placement.
      I used the Free Transform tool in Photoshop.
      What software are you using? I can help you figure it out if you have Photoshop or something similar.

      1. Thank you, Deborah! In Holland most houses are one-color. But the longer I live here, I like a trim – it gives more os a finished look.
        Have Photoshop CS3 -I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on there.

        1. Yes, you have the transform tool, and move tool. If you need help call me I can walk you through it.

          Then you can create an action so you can add your watermark with one click if you haven’t done that already. Then it’s just a matter of placement and opacity tweaks and Bob’s your Uncle! 🙂

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