Christmas Cheer!

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Laura Macky started a post that invited everyone to post something they love about Christmas and I decided to play along.

One of my favorite things about Christmas in addition to the presents are the decorations.  I love Santa Claus, trains, the Christmas Tree, lights and Nutcrackers.

Here’s an image of my very first Nutcracker, but I only have a few. I usually set this one and my others on my mantle.

Christmas Nutcracker

What do you love about Christmas?

To find all the other images shared on Laura’s post click here;

Nikon Df| Nikkor 50mm| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2017

More to come…

35 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer!

  1. I used to have a lot of nutcrackers up on a tall shelf in our great room, Deborah. I gave my ex most of them, keeping one from Germany we call the Pistachio Nutcracker and a British style Nutcracker. Your red coated Nutcracker with blue sequin buttons is beautiful!
    My favorite Christmas decoration is a hand painted metal (wooden base) St. Nicholas which has a turquoise robe with cream “fur” trim. An elderly woman who was in a nursing home I was the Activities Director, was asked to accept this as a gift from her. I gave her family $50 for it, asking them to choose socks, pajamas and underwear for this dear 90 year old woman named Daisy. ❤

      1. I loved this Daisy Matthews. She was very nice, petite and held my hand. She was full of warmth and soft spoken, Deborah. Daisy is a special name, which is cool your favorite aunt also had it as hers.

  2. He’s a good-looking guy in his finery 🙂
    I have only one, but he’s big – perhaps 18″ high. I have my Father Christmas collection and have managed to collect several Nativity scenes over the years. If I had a bigger house, I’d likely have several more too 😉

    Merry Christmas ❤

    1. I love your Father Christmas collection. I’d bet I’d love your Nativity sets too. I only have 3 Nativity sets, but I’d love more, but I have a space problem as well.

      Thanks for sharing, and you and the family have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Very nice photo, I love the lights! The nutcracker reminds me of when we took our young daughter to see the Hartford Ballet performance. I think we had the year just right, it was just enough a magical experience. I like seeing people enjoy Christmas and/or the holidays they celebrate. I like the simple traditions of the season and, although it might not make sense in CA, I like the cold crisp air and the snow. I’m not sure our snow will stick around, but at least we had some.

    1. Thank you for sharing Dan! I love simple traditions too. Food, family game nights, watching A Christmas Story, singing carols, and the decorations.

      I took my daughter to The Nutcracker Ballet when she was about 14 she’s been a fan since.

      I hope your snow sticks around. I’ve only had a “white Christmas” a few times in my life. The most recent was in 90’s. I was in PA for Christmas visiting He-Man’s family for the Holidays. It was beautiful, but I’ve never been so cold in my whole life! It was 17 degrees plus there was wind so it felt colder. I like the snow just not the wind and cold that comes with it.

      1. I get regular reports from my brother in Iowa, where the temp goes well below zero and the wind chill is in some ungodly range of -35 to -40. I don’t know how they survive, but I’ve been there when it’s “all the way up into the 20s” and he goes out with a flannel shirt on. We will get a cold snap at some point. We had a small one last week, where the lows were between 3 and 7, with a negative wind chill. We’re back in the 40s now.

  4. I love decorations, too, and have many of them that I love to put out each year. When we moved, I had to do some adjusting, as I didn’t have all the same places to put them, but they’re mostly out now and we all love looking at them. Most of our ornaments we’ve had for many years as well.

    The other thing I enjoy is making special Christmas food and treats. This will be the first year for quite a few that I haven’t make homemade ravioli, but I chose not to rather than be completely rushed.

    Of course at the top of my list is the Christmas Eve service with it’s special music and message.


    1. Homemade ravioli sounds wonderful. I’ve never made it from scratch.

      I’m doing an Italian theme dinner on Christmas. Homemade Minestrone soup, salad, Lasagna, chocolate torte that will be purchased. 🙂

      I’ll be shopping tomorrow and Thursday for dinner so I can start making soup and my sauce on Saturday and not be rushed. I’ve still got all the wrapping to do!

      Merry Christmas to you and your family Janet!

    1. I love Nativity Sets too. I only have a few sets. My most unique set is a little tin set I found in Mexico. Wouldn’t it be lovely to collect them from all over the world? I always look for Christmas ornaments, and Nativity sets but I’m usually not anywhere at Christmas so rarely find any.

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