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One of the nicest things about the time change is that I am able to see doors in a new light.

I liked the twinklie lights, and the warm glow emanating from the door windows.



Nikon Df| Nikkor 17-35mm| Delkin Digital Film

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  1. This door is so pretty with its sparkling lights. Now it makes me wish I had been working on my night photography all year like I was supposed to!

    • Thank you so much Joanne! I wish I had been able to get out more to more of it myself. 2017 might be better for us both on that score.

      • On my to-do list is to take a number of photography courses. I really don’t know how to use my camera very well and if I want to take better photos, I should start to devote some time to learning.

        • That sounds like a great place to start.
          I don’t do well with tests so I’ve been learning through trial and error, workshops, and hanging out with more knowledgeable photographers than myself. The LONG road. 🙂
          You’ll be running rings around me after one class I’m sure!

  2. oh so inviting!!

  3. PS I love going through neighborhoods at night. To me that is when a house shows its true face.

  4. So festive! Nd somehow calming…

  5. Sp warm and lovely

  6. First Christmas lights I’ve seen. Your neighborhood?

  7. Ooooo! I’m not generally in favor of Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I make an exception for white lights, especially twinkly ones. This is beautiful and so happy-making! I wonder if they’d call the cops if I put up a tent on their sidewalk so I could look at that illumination all the time?

  8. Nice capture! The door glass panes angle upward but looking at them straight on makes them look 3-D pushing outwards.

  9. It is all glowy and warm and welcoming. I particularly enjoy the reflection atop 🙂

  10. It has a very magical feel to it. The glow from inside looks like it’s inviting you in to sit by the fire. Great find 🙂

  11. Looks really inviting.

  12. What a beautiful and “timeless” door presentation, Deborah! I happen to like twinkle lights on decks, on arches or around a door. This was a warm and welcoming entrance.

    • Thank you so much Robin!
      I have white twinkle lights on my back patio. I’ve thought about adding them to the fencing around our deck but haven’t done it as we spend more time on the patio than the deck right now.

      At Christmas we put up a strand of old fashioned colored Christmas lights.

  13. What a welcoming entrance. I love those lights, my daughter has them draped around her bedroom.

  14. Twinkle lights are the best. Such an inviting door!

  15. Lovely capture, Deborah with all these lights bouncing off! Even without the lights it would have been a great capture, because of the warm yellow light coming from the inside. My decorations usually end up a week before Dec. 25. Maybe they just wanted to be the first on the block:) Hope you saw I emailed you.

    • Thank you so much Jesh! I think you’re right about the warm light being so nice…with or without the lights.

      I’ve been fighting a cold and sore throat since yesterday so am behind a bit with emails. I did read it! I hope it’s a fabulous turnout and huge success! xx

  16. Hmmm, not a fan of the time change. Not a fan of Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, but I love the reflections above the door. Very nice photo, Deborah.

  17. Bah humbug! We have a half dozen neighbors on our street who are already lighting up their Christmas lights and it’s only mid-November for crying out loud. I think they should pass a law that forbids this until Dec 1st 😉
    It is a lovely shot though 😀

    • I didn’t really get a “Christmasy” feeling when I looked at this door and photographed it since there weren’t any poinsettias, a Holiday Wreath, or specific holiday decorations near or around the door. I just thought they lit up their front courtyard and potted garden in the evenings.

      I’m now curious to see if they change the lights to colored ones, and if they put out any Holiday decor. I’ll have to start walking by there after Thanksgiving and see if there are any changes.

      • Well okay then, that’s not as bad I guess 😉
        It’s just that when I see lights at this time of year I start to get all grinch-like.

        • Me too normally, but I get that bah-humbug feeling about those white lights that are supposed to resemble icicles, and the strands of colored lights. Those say Christmas to me.

          I’ve seen several houses fully decorated already and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! To them I say Bah-humbug, it’s too early!!!

  18. Nice! I like plain white lights best.

  19. I love entryways like that.

  20. Lovely! It’s putting me in the Christmas spirit, Deborah. 🙂


    • Thank you Janet! I’m getting that feeling already too.

      • I love Christmas and although I wait until after Thanksgiving to do any decorating, I often leave my decorations up until well into the new year.

        • It’s my favorite Holiday too. I don’t put up decorations until after Thanksgiving either. Thankfully He-Man and I are on the same page and he takes down the Christmas lights and outdoor decorations right after Christmas or New Year’s Day week-end.

          Oddly enough: Last week-end daughter bought a 3ft tall lighted Abdominal Snowman you know the character from the classic Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas cartoon…it’s been sitting on my hearth since she unboxed it. I’ve been nagging her to get put away until after Thanksgiving. I’ll have to put it in the garage myself b/c she likes it up this early. 😦

  21. Looking forward to some evening photos 🙂

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