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I’m not sure if this is a Sharp-shinned Hawk, or  a Cooper’s Hawk, or something else all together, but I’m leaning towards a Sharp-shinned because of its long legs, overall size, and notched tail feathers.

The Look

It wasn’t happy about getting its picture taken.  He was on a post in an irrigation canal probably hoping for a fish dinner. 🙂

If you know what species it is I’d love to hear from you!

Nikon D700| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Professional Digital Film

More to come…



  1. This is great, Deborah! Aren’t they fierce? I love them.

  2. Love that look you captured, Deborah! 🙂

  3. Incredible bird.

  4. I know not what species this is but bet he/she was delighted to be your subject. Oh yes they have this image of mean to live up to but it probably took to the air soon after in celebration.

  5. così superbo della sua bellezza!
    felice giorno Annalisa

  6. He does have a rather grouchy look on his face 😉

  7. magnificent!

  8. Nice capture, Deborah. I’m going with a juvenile Sharpie. Adults of both sexes are blue-gray above and barred rusty below. “First year birds are brown above and with tawny or rufous-fringed coverts, and whitish below with dense brownish-red streaking on the underbody. When perched, Sharp-shinned Hawk appears diminutive with a stout chest and small rounded head. They often appear “big-eyed”. The tail is narrow, and varies from being slightly notched to slightly rounded, but usually appears sowewhat square-cut with a faint whitish tip.’ – Crossley
    Size should be a big help. These guys are only about eleven inches tall. Cooper’s legs are fatter than the Sharpie.

  9. Excellent capture and nice background. I love the look he/she’s giving!

  10. I found a plump one of these on a lawn, nearby one of my friend’s house. I thought it was a quail since it had this round shape to it. Everyone suggested what Fiona (Osyth blog, with dog named Bean. She is living in New England transplanted from France. . . Enjoy each other! 🙂 )

  11. Hello …. it is definitely a sharp shinned hawk – the legs give it away. Your picture is absolutely stunning and I must thank Robin at Witless Dating for pointing me your way.

    • Bonsoir! Thank you so much for the positive ID on the bird I appreciate it, and your lovely comment so much!

      I too must thank Robin at Witless Dating for mentioning me and sending you my way! Thanks again Robin!xx

      • No problem … I feel rather grown up being able to identify it so emphatically …. it’s my recent obsession with birds coming into play 🙂 Bon journée à vous!

      • You are both welcome! Since I consider Fiona my longer lasting friend, who is a real pleasure to read and learn about, it is delightful to share her! Her comments are sincerely wonderful!
        I am blessed to have become more recently acquainted and enjoying Deborah’s warm friendship now, too. Enjoy the connection, dear friends! xo

  12. Gorgeous bird and capture!

  13. Lovely capture Deborah, it was good of him or her to pause long enough for you to get this shot. Afraid I won’t be that helpful with the ID, other than I shot a couple of similar looking birds in Winterhaven, CA., approx 1 year ago. after posting the general consensus that it was a Sharp Shinned.

  14. Haha, I love the look on its face! I wish I knew what species, but such a cool picture!

  15. Maybe he was sizing you up for dinner. He seems to be in a mood. Beautiful photo. I love how he’s the only thing in focus.

    • Thank you so much Dan! I’m glad he didn’t come after me for dinner after I spooked it from its perch there! 🙂

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