Super Moon Rising November 2016

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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post here that photographing November’s Super Moon was N° 1 on my photography list of things to do this past week-end.

Quite awhile back I made plans to shoot it with with friends, and a photography group we’re in in central California at a Sandhill Crane Refuge called Woodbridge Ecological Reserve aka Isenberg Crane Reserve.    The Sandhill Cranes Winter here, and in November both Greater and Lesser Sandhill Cranes are on the Reserve.

The goal was to photograph the Sandhill Crane’s evening Fly-in and rising Super Moon.

Here is a series of images I made.

It was hazy and a little cloudy, but here is the Moon just rising above the mountains. You can barely see the mountains.

Rising Super Moon

…some Sandhill Cranes making their way into the Marsh.

Sandhill Cranes and the Super Moon November 2016


Two Sandhill Cranes flying in high in front of the Moon.

Sandhill Cranes and the Super Moon

Once the sun went down it was pretty tough shooting. I really pushed the ISO to keep my shutter speed up so the Sandhill Cranes wouldn’t be too blurry, but I failed for the most part. I also focused on the Moon and not the Cranes which didn’t help keep the Cranes sharp.  Still. I would do it all over again. It was an amazing evening hearing and seeing the Cranes coming in with this year’s special Super Moon, and the company was the best.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Digital Film| PS CC 2017 & On1 Photo 10.5

More to come…

35 thoughts on “Super Moon Rising November 2016

  1. A well trained crane is impressive enough but to get two of them to take that flight path! Some seriously sensational snapping 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Phil! I was really lucky with that shot. It was very nearly my last shot of the night b/c it was getting too dark to keep the birds somewhat sharp. My ISO was already up to 3200 for this shot! That and the Cranes were mostly in for the night. Thankfully a couple of fashionably late Cranes came flying in for the night.

  2. These are great photos, Deborah. I’m torn between the reflection and the birds in front of the moon. Both are unique and both help put the moon in perspective (which is always hard to do).

  3. Unfortunately I cannot find motives to celebrate the super moon. Knowledge is quick in taking one out of paradise. Yes, seeing the wonder of a moon was for me a paradise, but now, all I can see is a super poacher’s moon.
    This is unbearably sad.
    I pray for elephants and rhinos to be safe. At this moment, its all I can do. Sorry for this downer of a post.

    1. What has happened Robert? I haven’t read anything that suggests that Elephants and Rhino poaching has seen an up tick and are in more danger than ever. I hope this isn’t the case!

      So much time, energy, and money have been poured into Africa for this purpose and to provide water, and farming to the people there and yet year and after year I read and hear only of poaching, looting, raping, and corruption by the leaders of these these countries. I’m weary of trying to teach and help those despots who will not learn or help their own people.
      Throwing money into those counties isn’t the answer. Do you have a better idea?

      1. There are no easy answers to the problem. There is an increased demand for ivory and one elephant is poached in Africa every 15 minutes. The crisis must be addressed at the field level. There are definitely some good people doing some good things, but there needs to be a lot more.
        They are up against organized bands of criminals using high tech weapons of war.
        The money needs to go to pay for more rangers and more technical support. They need to be paid a descent salary. The rangers’ living conditions are deplorable. And the job is dangerous. Over 1,000 rangers protecting wildlife have been killed in the last 10 years. Education is part of it. Seventy percent of the Chinese believe that the elephant sheds its ivory every year like deer shed antlers. These are such intelligent, social, magnificent animals and it breaks my heart that they are slaughtered.

    1. Thank you so much Joanne you’re too kind. You made my night! I’ve seen quite a few better images than my own. I wish I had focused on the Cranes!! 🙂

      I hope I get another opportunity to shoot in this special place again!

  4. Last night after I had dinner in the oven I went out to look over the lake but it was already too late to get much of a photo. I chuckled to myself, because I knew I could see something so much more beautiful on your site this morning! I was right. These are just wonderful.

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