33/52 Thursday Doors

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For this week’s Thursday Doors post I’m sharing more doors from Legoland California. The displays are really, really good.

There’s a section in the park with iconic buildings; some of which one must take a river cruise to see, but this display of the United States Capitol Building located in Washington D.C. wasn’t part of the cruise.  There are quite a few doors on it, but I have no close ups of the front doors due to the columns.

Legoland United States Capitol Building

Here’s close up of the Marching Band’s Drum Major though. Both my children were in their school bands all through their school years beginning in 4th grade so I’m rather fond of marching bands. 🙂  Baby Girl was a  flutist, and Big Baby Boy was a drummer.

All the while they were growing up I was  trying to play piano with weekly lessons. Just like I had them doing.  There was for many years music, and a beat in our house.  I miss it! I do hope #1 Grandson picks up an instrument.  He plays my piano…without trying he picks out notes, chords and riffs! I have hope that he has the gift that skipped me.  Drum Major Marching Band LegoLand CA

That’s the Washington Monument you see sticking up behind the Capitol Bldg.

I have no idea how many Lego bricks it took to build this monument/display, but I know it took many, many hours to complete.  I was in awe looking at all the displays.  Really, they are amazing.

Around the back side of the Capitol Bldg. is a replica of Georgetown.

Another fact about me I don’t think I’ve shared on this blog is that I’m a huge fan of Americana art.  Geez, tonight I’m really opening up! Must be the Full Sturgeon Moon. 🙂

I LOVE Charles Wysocki, and Linda Nelson Stocks who are Americana artists.  I’ve crossed stitched a Wysocki Autumn Americana Village which took me nearly  9 months to complete.  I had it framed.  Before our remodel last year it hung over my mantle. It’s still packed…like most of my art at the moment. I feel really blessed to own one of Linda Nelson Stocks pieces. It is currently hanging over my mantle. It’s called the Village of Brewster.

I have 3 more seasons of Wysocki cross stitch pieces to complete; winter is started, but I have no idea when or if I’ll ever complete them.  Fall I completed b/c it’s my favorite season.

Anyway, when I saw this colonial red house with white door with black and gray trim I oohed, and aaahhed. Oh, who am I kidding. I SWOONED! Then I took a photo for Thursday Doors. 🙂   I want this house with street lamps. and gate sold as a kit. I’d buy it, put it together with some sort of Loctite glue so it wouldn’t come apart, and I’d put it in my family room. Probably on top of my Entertainment Center where my Victorian Dollhouse resides. 🙂  I love and collect miniatures too. FWIW:  I have stopped collecting Dolls, Teacup sets, and Teapots. I ran out of room! TMI? Okay, I know I’m a chatter duck! 🙂

Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I really like the gate on the left of the house too. The little blue door down the street was a bonus.  🙂 I’m sorry I have no idea how many Lego bricks it took to build this part of Georgetown either.

Warning! I have one or two more post of doors from Legoland California!

BTW: If this week’s post looks funky I apologize! I’m trying to get my images to display a bit larger. This theme is behaving differently the last month or so; my images are a good deal  smaller than they used to be. I may end up changing themes! I hope you hang in there with me through this process! Believe me I am not looking forward to changing! It will be hard for me too!

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33 thoughts on “33/52 Thursday Doors

  1. Oldest Grandson was my Lego buddy! We had a suitcase full of random Lego pieces, and would build all sorts of things — I built a T-Rex once, and he built a space ship. Then they started making those sets with the pre-made pieces, and it was all over. He went to those, and I just wasn’t interested in something somebody else had already built and I only needed to snap together. Thanks for the visit to Lego-Land!

  2. I’m in awe of the things people produce with Legos/Dupos! The Arboretum here had a display throughout their grounds, birds, flowers, etc. and it was amazing. What showed is as well.


  3. Wow! It always amazes me at what can be built from Legos. We used to frequent the Lego Store in Downtown Disney when we had annual passes and the enormous builds that they have are amazing! 🙂

  4. Very cool lego exhibits. Maybe we can have the winner of the presidential election relegated to Legoland Washington D.C. where they can do no harm (come to think of it, let’s do it to Congress!). A few years ago, my wife wanted the London Bridge lego to keep her mind busy so we have a lego replica of the bridge sitting on our mantle. 🙂

        1. Oh, wow! My son and I built the Pirate Fortress when he was about 10. It took hours. Neither of us wanted to take it apart after all the work we put into it. It did eventually get dismantled when he went away to college. 🙂

  5. When I lived in Southern Cal., I would have gone if they didn’t have such an exorbitant entrance price! But for kids it must be paradise. If your grandson can pick out chords without lessons, I would say, he for sure has some talent!
    I made piano lessons for my kids a prerequisite for an instrument they would choose (so I was certain they could read music).Love that last lego display of the house in George town! Hope you saw I wrote you an email after your comment.

    1. Thank you so much Lynn! We made music a priority. They had to pick an instrument and play all through school. Thankfully they both loved band, and music, and picked instruments they truly enjoyed.

  6. I smiled while reading this post … it had the feel of a conversation 🙂

    I too have noticed that the images on my theme no longer behave the way they used to. It is most annoying because I really don’t want to start experimenting with themes 😦

    These displays of lego are really quite remarkable in the detail. Can you imagine having that as your occupation (I’m a lego builder)?

    1. Thank you so much Joanne. I’m so glad you didn’t mind my chattiness. I would have talked your ear off last evening!

      I’ve been looking at themes, but I haven’t found one I feel will work out yet. I dread starting over!

      I imagine when one of the Lego Engineers tells someone what she/he does for a living there’s a bit of envy. Playing with Legos, and building neat stuff sounds like a great job.

  7. Wonderful doors (I love ANYthing Lego) and it was good to get to know a little more about you. This was a fun post, Deborah. I think I’ve read that all of the official Lego buildings are made with commercially available blocks. If they don’t have a kit for the red house, you could try to reverse engineer it from close-up photos. I love the details in the chimneys. I also really like the hat on the Drum Major 🙂

    1. Thank you Dan!

      There’s a Club House in Legoland where they sell lego bricks by the pound!
      I don’t think I have the skills to reverse engineer that house or village.

      It would be really neat if it came in a kit with step by step instructions. 🙂

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