A New Day Dawns in Manhattan

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I’m back from a fun, but busy week in Manhattan. My sisters and I crammed in as much as we could in 6 days; several iconic buildings, museums, squares and plazas, two Broadway shows, a sunset boat cruise, the subway, and a whole lotta walking, and yet…we didn’t even scratch the surface!

I fell into Eastern Standard Time (EST) really easy. I was awake by 5am most mornings and checked the sky to see if it was worth getting out of bed. Two mornings were. Mostly we had a mix of morning overcast gray skies which blued up by the early afternoon.

This image is from our Penthouse deck on our second morning.

Dawn in Manhattan

Unfortunately, now that I’m home I feel like I need to sleep until noon before waking up.

I hope to catch up with everyone this week.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8g| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2016| Single Frame

More to come…



38 thoughts on “A New Day Dawns in Manhattan

  1. I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Great photo, I can never see enough photos of the NY skyline and this one is gorgeous. Light and reflections make me smile.

  2. Even high rises can be beautiful, especially when they’re in purple! Great shot, Deborah! Glad you’re back! so did you get your sisters hooked on doors? You probably have loads of pics:) So, where’s your heart, in NY or CA? (Don’t have to respond to that:) ) “See” you soon !

    1. Thank you Jesh! That highrise is actually covered in pink glass. In the morning and at night it looks more purple. I’d never seen a building done in pink glass before.

      My sisters did start pointing out doors to me by mid week! 🙂 They even took a few pictures of them themselves.

      I’m still a CA gal. 🙂

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