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Copyright ©2016 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

While in Santa Cruz over the week-end photographing  Hummingbirds I saw this door that I thought was nice looking, so stopped to take the photo for today’s door post.Front door with cat decoration and pots

Every cat in the neighborhood must feel welcome here.

Nikon Df| Nikon 28-105mm| Delkin Devices Digital Film| PS CC 2015

This post is part of Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors. To see all the doors posted this week click  here then click on the little blue view/sync up button at the bottom of his page where you’ll be directed to links to all those participating.

Are there Bonus points for having a car door in the reflection?  🙂

More to come…




  1. Great capture, Deborah. I think you were lured to this door with Humming Birds on your mind and the cat subconsciously calling you to take him with you ;-P

  2. I’d certainly give bonus points for a door reflection in the door – nice shot!

  3. I like it and the cat’s pretty cute.


    • The cat, and two little water/food bowls and the lovely porch light being on hooked me straight-away. 🙂 Thanks for coming by today!

  4. I really like this door and the cute kittie on the porch!

  5. I took a ton of photos of doors, windows and archways while in Mexico. I think your door photos inspired me to do so! I like this door photo as it is unusual. And a cat lover lives there! :-)))

    • Yeah! It’s fun and a bit addicting. Now you’ll probably spot all sorts of doors you never noticed before.
      If you don’t already you should join in the fun and post over on Norm’s Thursday Doors. He posts an open invitation each week. He’s super nice too he gives us until Sat. noon Eastern US time to post our Thursday door. 🙂

  6. Never seen a door like this! It reminds me on the back of a chair:) Don’t mind my strange associations – lol, for lack of a smile. How did your trip (was it last weekend?) to the coast turn out?

  7. That’s a beautiful door and a welcoming entrance. It’s not for me to say, but I’ll give you bonus points. I like finding stuff in the reflections.

    • Thanks Dan! For the comment, and for wanting to give me the bonus points. 🙂

      Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize I also photographed something in the reflections. Once I photographed a great old western bar with a huge mirror across the back of the wall. It had papers, and memorabilia taped all over it. Anyway, I didn’t realize I had also taken a photo of myself in the reflection of the mirror until sometime later when I was looking through the images again.

  8. Lovely…almost Mid-Century Modern….

  9. A beauty!

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