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I don’t normally post twice in a day, but as it’s St. Patrick’s Day I thought I’d post something Green in honor of it.

Watercolor Line and Wash Violet-Green Swallow

I painted this with Turner Artists Watercolor paints, on Canson 140 lb Cold Press Fine

Grain paper.  I used my 12 round Mimik Kolinsky, #8 round Robert Simmons Sapphire, and #6 rd Winson & Newton Kolinsky Sable brushes, and Pigma Micron 03, 05, and 01 pens.

My reference image is one of my own which I made in the Spring of 2014. You can see the reference image here.

I hope you all have a great St. Paddy’s Day!

Panasonic Lumix FZ200| Lexar Professional Digital Film| Hand-held in natural light| PS CC 2015

More to come…



  1. Lovely, and Happy Green Day a little late! 🙂

  2. lovely Deb!!

  3. What a beautiful little bird!

  4. So cute 🙂 . Your colours are great – so bright and fresh, yet gentle and earthy. I saw one of these birds once. It had a nest in a hole below the roof of a warehouse near a bakery I used to go to in Vancouver. I took a bunch of very fuzzy photos and it took me a really long time to id the bird, but when I did, I was super excited. Lifer! Your photographs and painting of the little swallow are beautiful.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    Oh, I remember you mentioning that you painted a hermit thrush you were pleased with. Did you post it?

  5. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Love your green bird! :-)))

    • Thank you so much Jill! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too!

      Just before lunch #1 Grandson and I were looking through the photos on my phone and we looked at a watercolor abstract he painted early in the year and we both saw shapes we hadn’t seen before. I think you influenced my “sight”! 🙂

      We saw a swordfish and a cat. He does pretty neat abstracts. But, I’m slightly bias in that opinion. 🙂 I’ll email you the image if you’d like to see it.

  6. Happy Paddy’s Day!

  7. beautiful Deb!

  8. You are really growing as an artist, Deborah! Beautiful job!

    • Thank you so much Laura! I hope I am, but honestly, I think sometimes it must be a fluke. I wonder if I can paint it again? Often I can’t. It takes a few more times of trying before I can recreate something close or better than what I did before. When it works I’m the most surprised, and pleased, but I have no confidence in myself yet with this medium.

  9. So pretty.

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