A Waltz at Fezziwigs

Copyright © 2013 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

My friend Alex and I arrived at the Dickens Fair just at opening and went straight to Fezziwig’s & Company to get our gear out and ready to take photographs of the extraordinary people and costumes we were about to see. Little did we know that about to begin was a wonderful Waltz!

Waltz at Fezziwig and Company 2 After the first Waltz they invited the guest (us) to take a turn with an experienced dancer (read actor)

Alex and I both opted out and took photos of the wonderful characters, and costumes instead. The musicians were fantastic. Not a note or beat missed. I wish I could play the piano as well.

Isn’t that mustache and Top Hat something, and look at those curls in her hair! Imagine how long that took. More than I spend on my hair I’m sure.

A Waltz at Fezziwig and Company 1

A gentleman, and gracious teacher.

Waltz Lesson at Fezziwig and Company 3


Nikon D700| Nikkor 24-70mmG| SB600- On camera flash| Daly City, California Dickens Fair

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