Thursday Doors- Picnic find

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On the way to Baby Girl’s last week we stopped to pick up some lunch from a burger joint and took it across the road to eat in the park for an impromptu picnic. (Sorry, no burger pic this time) I forgot to take a picture!

It’s at the park that I saw this little Free Library and loved the pink doors. Sadly, there were no children’s books in it. I’m going to get some to add to it since it’s likely we’ll be stopping for burgers and fries and eat in this park again.

Little Free Library Hwy 88

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35 thoughts on “Thursday Doors- Picnic find

  1. I love this! You came across a Little Free Library – I wish that would happen to me. And, since there were no children’s books, you will place some the next time you return. That makes my day, Deborah!

    1. The highway to Baby Girl’s has been closed due to the fires so I couldn’t drop off the books I bought to put in the Little Free Library, but they’re in the car so I don’t forget them when the road opens up and we go to Baby Girl’s in October. 😀

  2. These little free book cabinets are becoming popular over here also Deborah. I am finding them in residential streets on our exercise walks around the block. It is sad there are no children books there, as I have seen families look inside them with their children showing interest. They are the sort of places I should put my books, it might promote some interest, considering the Covid has closed most of our shops here. Enjoy your weekend my friend 🙂

    1. What a wonderful gift that would be for some child! Perhaps start with one book and see if it gets taken?

      I bought a couple of children’s books today to drop off the next time we pass that way.

      I hope you have a lovely week-end too, Ashley!

  3. Discovering these Little Libraries is such a terrific bonus, aren’t they? A few years back I posted about the many Little Libraries surrounding my neighborhood and surprisingly I pass some of them daily. Such a wonderful way to share and repurpose books.

  4. It’s always good to see you visiting Thursday Doors, Deborah. I love little free libraries, and this is a beauty. Next time, give us a picture of the burger 😉

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