Whatever Weds. Fall Tablescape + 1

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Here are a couple of images I created for the Shooting for the Season’s course I’m taking.

Place setting-

Cozy dining table-

This week is lighting. I hope I can come up with a couple more creative and cute compositions for that!

Last week I went to Baby Girl’s for a few days and early one morning I had my morning tea on her deck, and had my camera handy. Out in the poison oak I spied a little bird so left my tea to cool on the deck and headed down to the field and sat on a little lichen covered rock and waited to see if the little bird would return to the poison oak bush. I didn’t have to wait too long.

It was a Ruby Crowned Kinglet Female.

Baby Girl and family are settling in nicely in their new home, and the boys love the space and freedom the land affords them, and number 1 Grandson is thrilled to be back in a live classroom making new friends, he likes his teacher, and he had a huge surprise on his first day in class. A classmate of his from last year has moved to the same town and is in his class! Small world!

It’s supposed to warm up today which will be nice since we’ve been having highs in the 50’s and lows in high teens lately.

I hope you’re all having a great week!

Nikon D810 w/ 50mm f/1.8G Nikkor lens and Fuji X-T3 w/ 100-400mm XF lens| PS CC 22.0.0

more to come…

38 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Fall Tablescape + 1

  1. That is such a cute place setting and the lighting makes it look so cozy and inviting. I love the details in the shot of the bird. That must have been a nice surprise for Grandson #1. It’s always amazing how small the world can be.

  2. It’s interesting that so many animals are immune to the effects of poison ivy/oak/sumac that so many people suffer from. I’ve occasionally brushed up against a poison ivy leaf but fortunately have never had a reaction, so your birdie and I have something in common. Now, if I could also fly…

    1. Most of my life I’ve had no reaction at all to Poison Oak, but the last few years when I’ve brushed up against it I have got a little itchy red patch so I fear my natural immunity is wearing off in my old age! I’m really careful now about touching it. I don’t want it to get worse. He-Man is terribly allergic to it so, I’ve seen how bad an allergic reaction to it can get.

      1. Here in Jacksonville, we are going to drop 20 degrees with a high of 85 today and 65ish tomorrow. We are going birding one day this week for sure! 🙂 Clearwater has a 15 degree swing. The whole week should warm up nicely.

  3. I’m late to the table this week. These are delightful images, Deborah. Id say that second table photo could easily be used for “lighting” – the light is amazing. love the little spread of reflections on the edge of the plate.

    I’ll file the Kinglet under dessert.

    1. We’ll set another place for ya, no worries! 😀

      Thank you so much, Dan! Baby Girl asked me to come back and help her with the boys so, I haven’t been home to do anything with the course this week! I just may have to submit this one for both weeks.

      Now to catch up with your and other blogs.

  4. Love your table setting – casual enough I would not mind joining you here! So great that your grandson can go to school, and already knows one other child! The little bird you captured is so cute!

    1. Thank you, Judy! Isn’t that little wire pumpkin cute! It’s a place card thingie…holder yeah, holder. My brain went blank and I couldn’t think of the name for a second. 🤪

      #1 Grandson is so much happier in a real classroom versus virtual.

  5. Wonderful news on Baby Girl’s move. I was tickled to read that your grandson’s friend from last year also moved, and they’re back in the same class! Kids need to be in school. Beautiful photos this week, Deborah. Will you be trying to get a photo of the full moon (also a blue moon) on Halloween?

    1. Thank you so much, Jennie!

      Regarding the Moon. I’m not sure. It’s not rising until 6:35 tonight when it’s nice a blue out, but by the time it rises over the mountains it will be just after 7 and dark out. Not my favorite time to shoot the moon. I’ll definitely look for it though.

      Happy Halloween, Jennie!

      1. I was determined to get a shot tonight. I did, and it was a bit creepy. The second shot had mist that was never there. Halloween and spirits? I posted the photos last night.

  6. Super shots, Deborah. The class must be fun. Glad your family is settling in. The bird shot is amazing. How far away does Baby Girl live from you? Our temp this morning is 39 with a high of 50 expected.

    1. Thank you so much, John! Sorry for the delayed reply I was back at Baby Girl’s for a few days this week. It’s just over 3 hours to drive to their new house and it’s a gorgeous drive over the Sierras and through Gold Country famous spots. They live in Gold Country out in CA. So we pass through Angel’s Camp, and Calaveras and a few other famous towns to get to hers. We’re definitely in Fall. It was 34 this morning. It warmed up while I was at Baby Girl’s. 😀

      I hope you have a lovely week-end.

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