Whatever Weds. More Fall Color

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I’ve been out a few times since my last post photographing fall color. The trees are peaking in some areas and slowly turning in others, but this year is gorgeous compared to last year.

Here’s a look at Slide Mountain from a hill above the Carson River. The Cottonwoods lining the river are lovely in their autumn colors.

A little further up the road I stopped and got out of my car to look behind me. I had to walk back a ways to get this shot, but I think it was worth it.

The river is very low right now.

I signed myself up for still life Season’s course that started on Monday. I’ve been playing with tablescapes since. If I get a composition I love I’ll share. 😀

I hope you’re all having a good week and staying healthy, and busy.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| PS CC 21.2.1

more to come…

53 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. More Fall Color

    1. I didn’t know about the Cottonwoods until I moved here. Most complain about them in the Summer because of all the cotton floating around and landing in their yards, but I sure like them in the Fall!

      Thank you so much, Denise! 😀

  1. Oh how fortunate you had the urge to walk back to that river scene, Deborah. It’s a truly gorgeous scene and excellent photo. Thanks for sharing this autumnal scene with us.

  2. You are right, Deborah, this year is gorgeous compared to last year, around here, too. The low river, reflections and Fall colours are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. You stay safe, too.🙂

  3. Those yellows are so vibrant! It looks like there is that fall crispness in the air. I feel like our leaves are falling faster than they should!! My yard is already covered.

  4. So gorgeous, Deborah. Yes, that shot was definitely worth it. I don’t see any colors yet, but the highs have still been in the upper 80s… As with summer, this year fall is hotter than normal. But the mild winter is worth it. Hugs on the wing.

  5. I’m tickled to hear you are taking a still life class~can’t wait to see some paintings! 🙂
    The image you share of the trees reflecting in the river is stunning.

      1. I did take that one down because it wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. When I did I discovered there was an old one lurking in the background so I’ve been experimenting with that before letting people know about it. I’ve been surprised that a few have, inquisitive souls that they are. I can never get a link to work but if you do a search just on melissabluefineart on WP I believe it comes up.

  6. Whoa, you have a real Fall Deborah! Stunning! Here, haven;t seen one yellow leaf yet, so it’s going to be “worse” than in CA. Am not anymore counting on snow. If I get homesick, I saved the pics from Pioneer:)

    1. 🙂 Well, there are lots and lots of wildflowers there and around the area. I follow a man who lives in Austin and he posts flowers everyday…of the wild sort not store bought or cultivated!

      Every time I drive by Pioneer and your old street I think of you so your ears should ring. Just last week I went by it twice and thought of you both times! 🥰

  7. Love the colors in both but the shot with the river is so inviting. Well worth walking back for. I did a bit of that on Mt. Lemmon on Saturday even though they have lots of pullout spots.


  8. Beautiful colors & comp, Deborah! Sorry I’ve been absent lately; just returned last night from a month on the road visiting Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado & just passed into New Mexico and Utah. Chasing their fall colors and some Wilbur missed some wildlife shots by being in the wrong place or not camera ready. Lot of colors b passed peak in some areas but we also found some great colors while traveling closed to wildfires in Montana and Colorado. Long trip, lots of driving and seeing many unmasked people in the NPs.

    1. Dali came up a couple of weeks ago and mentioned that he thought you were in Montana. It sounds like an epic trip!

      I’m looking forward to seeing all the images you made. Drive safely and say Hi to your Mrs. and S-i-L if she’s with you too for me please!

    1. Thank you so much, Peter! The walk back was due to very few pullouts on the 2 lane road I was on.

      Thank you for your support re; the still life class. I’m lacking creativity in this genre so it’s not something I do often. I’m starting over today with something new. I hope I like it better than what I’ve come up with so far.

          1. If I remember correctly, it’s “Purd-nah-liss”. And yes, it’s Spanish in origin, from the word for flint [found in the river bed].

  9. I really like these, Deborah. Seeing the mountains in the background in that first image adds so much. It’s like an element of strength that supports the photo. The second photo, what can I say. Brilliant colors, river, reflections – you’re pushing all my buttons.

    1. Thank you so much, Dan! It is a towering element of strength isn’t it? Despite its name which it got from a huge mountain slide. I’m not sure if it was rock, snow or what but you see the scar there. That’s part of the Carson Spur in the Eastern Sierras.

      I love living near the river! A real river with trees! In San Jose there’s a river but I never found anywhere this pretty along it, and I tried! It was a little river as rivers go too. Not too much water.

      I love the colors, and reflections too. I’m glad you like the images, Dan!

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