36 thoughts on “Wordless Weds. Reflections

  1. This is a good time for reflection, and with this beautiful image to start us off, how can we go wrong?

  2. Looks just like the view from my window, she said while rolling on the floor and laughing hilariously. 🙂 Looks lovely, though. My blood is still thick Midwestern blood that doesn’t shiver at the sight of snow.


    1. LOL! You’re so funny! I wonder how long it will take for AZ to change that thick Midwestern blood to thin Western blood?
      Seriously, I am not dying here from the snow and cold! I don’t think cold and snow in NV mean the same thing as it does in Ill or WI…just saying cause I am not dead! I have gone out in 20 degree fridgid mornings to photograph the sunrise in just two layers! Me who froze to nearly to death in Silicon Valley!

      I nearly died and froze to death and have Raynauld’s syndrome from two weeks in PA one Christmas holiday with He-man’s parents. It was 17 degree and the wind chill was horrendous and took the the feel temp down to minus 2, I have never been so cold in my life! It was after that I started having Raynauld’s Syndrome.
      NV or where I am in NV isn’t anything like that or it wasn’t this winter. Thank God! He knows I can’t handle it.

  3. This is a wonderful image, Deborah. I love the cloud reflections in the water. It’s so narrow, that it’s not immediately obvious (well, to me) that they are reflected . It’s a bit of a shock that I liked a lot.

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