Wordless Wednesday- House Finch

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House Finch

Fuji X-T3| Fujinon XF100-400mm LM OIS at 400mm| 3/17/2020| SanDisk Digital Film

more to come…

54 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- House Finch

  1. We are lucky to have the house finches year round. They are at our feeders often but right the mockingbirds have a nest and guard the feeders. Not many birds are hanging out there at the moment. They will be back in time. Beautiful colors enhanced by the snow! 😊

    1. How wonderful that they’re there all year round! When I lived in Calif. they were year-round but here they’re just migrants. It’s a weird change, but there are other birds that make it it wonderful and awesome. I’m glad you know the same and they’ll be back! Knowing nature’s rhythms is something I hope to master in my lifetime, but fear I won’t even though some of it is easy to see if one is paying attention.

      1. Yes, they will be back. We are fortunate in Florida because we have many residents and in Jacksonville, we are in the main migration route north, south and west. It is pretty awesome. 😊

            1. I’ve only been there twice and have been a tourist both times, and spent very little time birding. I have a list of reserves/refuges I’d love to visit and bird there, but top priority would be spending a few days at my Mom’s.

              I birded Honeymoon Beach when I visited her a couple of years ago and that netted me a tern and gull I’d never seen before.

  2. my first impression was, in the thick of winter… is it more wintery at your new place than where you lived before? Hope you continue your watercolors with birds …!

    1. Those thorns are awful! We trim those Olive trees every year to keep the view and they really punch a poke! Some of them are nearly 2 inches long!

      I suppose the birds love them for protection though.

  3. It looks especially nice against the snow. Thankfully, we don’t have any here right now, although we are getting rain today. I managed to get most of my trips to Goodwill’s drop off done yesterday in the lovely sunshine. Today was a good day to be working in the basement, garage, and other parts of the house. 😉


  4. This is so lovely, with the bird perfectly placed. You’re right, he does look very serious!

  5. I really enjoyed this sweet photo, Deborah. Vibrant house finch color on this fresh snow day, his little feet seemed to have been there long enough to clear the snow on his branch.

  6. Beautiful photo of a sweet little bird.

    [When I read your title at first I thought it said: House Phone. Like back in the day when fancy hotel lobbies had phones for their guests. I thought, where has she been that she saw one of those? Of course, I reread the title and said to myself: duh!]

    1. LOL! You know I still had my Trimline Princess Rotary dial phone this time last year, but it went into the dumpster with a lot of other stuff when we cleaned out our old house to sell it and move. There’s a part of me that thinks I should have kept it for nostalgia’s sake, but…it’s gone.

      Thank you so much for the giggle this morning, Ally! 🤣

    1. Hi Dan! Yes, I did! I shared a couple of weeks back how birding here requires more walking and my D810+200-500mm+tripod at 11 pounds is just too heavy! So, I did a lot of research and narrowed down my choices and decided on this Fuji kit.
      I am really pleased with it so far. The menu and controls are taking time to become second nature, but with each day it’s gets better. Plus it’s only 4.2 pounds!

      I am even thinking about adding a wide to mid-tele range lens and use this system for travel.

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