Whatever Weds. Peek-a-Boo!

Almost two weeks ago some friends and I went out to see the Wild Mustangs and we were delighted to find them.  I think they enjoyed seeing us too.

Wild Mustangs

So, what’s been going on with me this past week?  The biggest news is Friday evening we had a pretty good Earthquake. It felt like a 5.0 and when I got the first USGS report it said it was a 5, but later was downgraded to a 4.5.  The epicenter was way to close to home!  A few things fell off the bookshelves; nothing broke. We were unsettled for the rest of the night expecting aftershocks, but all is good.   We’ve had one aftershock that we felt on Saturday evening that’s all.  Too bad I didn’t leave that behind when we moved out of California!

Covid-19 is on everyone’s minds here too, thankfully, there are only 4 cases in my county none are in the hospital; I think that’s a positive sign. No new ones reported today. Knock on wood!

I’m keeping busy and looking forward to a bit better weather so I can resume my daily walk or hike.  Today…which is Tuesday the day before this goes live we’ve got wind that is in 20mph range with gusts up to 36mph. I sure can feel those bigger gusts hitting the house so, I’m staying in doing some housework, working on images, and I watched a movie. I’ll be reading a chapter or two of a Sci-Fi novel I’m reading by Joshua Dazelle it’s Book 3 in his Black Fleet Saga.  I started to draw an Iris yesterday which I may finish and then paint, but I’m not feeling very confident with the drawing.  I’m really trying to do it free-hand and not fall back on my graphite paper or light table. If it comes out I’ll probably share it on Instagram.

There you go all caught up with me. Tell me what’s new with you?

Fugi X-T3| Fujinon XF 100-400mm LM OIS| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 21.0.3

more to come




52 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Peek-a-Boo!

  1. Cute, happy capture! I am finding things to do in the house … cleaning, organizing, cooking, backing up files, working on the next blog post … and like you, I can get out close to home without coming near any other humans. Take care Deborah!

  2. Glad the earthquake didn’t bonk you around or break anything 🙂 I’ve been hoping for some warm and sunny weather so I can porch sit. May we both get that good weather soon!

    1. Me too, thank you so much, Joey! I’m hoping for warmer nights and early mornings. My next door neighbor said last evening when we out looking at the Moon and stars she can’t wait for 100 degree weather! 😀

  3. Those horses are magnificent, Deborah. Boo on the earthquake! I’m sorry to hear that they followed you. I’m glad that nothing was damaged. The sun is finally shining here. I think it’s supposed to hit 80. I’ve been hanging out on the back porch swing, reading and getting my dose of Vitamin D. The teens and YA are taking advantage of the warmth by skateboarding and mountain biking. I’m hoping to get in a hike this weekend. Stay well! xx

  4. Staying home, which is nothing new for us. Worrying about other people, which is also nothing new. Hunting for, finding, cooking, and eating morel mushrooms. Waving to friends from a safe distance!

  5. Horses, earthquakes, and art work … you are keeping yourself busy 😉

    This morning the sun is shining and I feel the pull of the outdoors … but I think I’ll stay inside and do some art today too 🙂

    1. It’s lightly snowing here now. Looks like I’m in for the morning at least.

      Yes, to art! I can’t wait to see what you create! You’re so much more original than I am. I’m always looking for inspiration from others.

      1. Oh no – I’m too new at this game. Like you, my inspiration comes from others, or my photographs. They just end up going in off in a different direction – partly by design, but mostly a reflection of where my skill level is right now.

    1. Really? I was surprised that my neighbor never had either. I suppose I think since I have living in California most my life that all the world is like me.
      I don’t recommend them and I hope you never experience one and if you do it’s a little one!

  6. It really doesn’t seem fair to have an earthquake at the same time we are going through a world-wide crisis. I remember feeling earthquakes much more frequently than we’ve felt for the last several years. Of course, the biggest fear is that all that pressure is building up.

    Those mustangs are so beautiful! Are they completely wild or do they depend on hay and water being dropped off for them?

    Stay well!

    1. Life is sure throwing some curve balls right now.

      They are completely wild, but a group of advocates for this band has set up two water troughs for them and truck water out to fill them up in the summer.

  7. Earthquake on top of all this? Geez. Glad you’re all okay. Handsome horses just waiting for you to take their photo and keep them company for a few minutes. 🙂 Things are quiet here like elsewhere. I did my senior shopping at 5:45 this morning, and I hope to not have to do that too many more times. 5:45 is coffee, jammies, and computer time. 🙂 Stay safe.

    1. 5:45am is jammies, hot brevage, and computer or morning paper time here too! Hopefully, that’s the last earthquake for a long time!

      They are handsome aren’t they. They are fun to watch and delightful to see.

      You stay safe and healthy too! 🥰

  8. Earthquakes are scary to go through! Every time we have one here (in southern CA) I always jump every time a truck drives by and rattles the windows …

    1. My next-door neighbor moved here the same time I did from IL and had never been through an earthquake before and was astonished to find out they make noise and they’re loud! These two were like a big truck rumbling through not the sonic boom that I have heard with other earthquakes.

      I still sometimes think a truck rumbling by might be the start of an earthquake too. You’re not alone! Thanks for the visit, Pam!

          1. Wow – good to know! I once experienced an avalanche (thankfully on a neighbouring mountain and not the one I was currently perched upon). The rumbling and noise was both terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time.

  9. Nice horse photos, Deborah. Way different from the unique Iceland horses and I saw and photographed while there. I heard about that earthquake; you can never predict them coming and if you’re in a location where that happens infrequently it can be unnerving. Anyway, a diversion from COVID-19, as long as it’s not destructive or life and safety threatening, is ok. Hope all is well. Take care and stay safe!

    1. Hey, Gordon! Thank you! Oh, to see those Icelandic horses would be so neat!

      My mom who moved out of Calif. 6 maybe 7 years ago says she’d take a Hurricane over Earthquakes any day now that she’s lived through both because you get a warning with a hurricane and none with Earthquakes. So true!

      I hope you and your family are safe and well too! I was looking forward to hanging out this month, but hopefully we’ll be able to get together for a photo adventure soon!

  10. Hey Deborah! Good to read the earhtquake didn’t do any damage and Covid19 hasn’t struck your home. The are strange times. In my densely populated country everybody is aware of the dangers of Corona. We are not home bound by law, but the streets are empty and all public places, schools, lots of stores, theatres and the like are closed. My city looks like the days when stores were shut at sunday. On top of that, we have wonderful weather! Sunny, dry, a cool wind from the east but still lovely. Fortunately I still can go out for a walk, as long as we keep distance. But I had to cancel several leisure trips, wich I deeply regret. On the upside: apart from having a cold I seem to be healthy. 🙂 Let’s hope all will be ‘normal’ again soon. Don’t let yourself be blown away by the wind! Kind greetings, Peter.

    1. I am happy to hear Covid-19 hasn’t hit your family or you Peter! I hope that continues.

      Hopefully, you can make those trips when this passes. I sure hope a vaccine is forthcoming because I don’t want a second wave of this next flu season!!

      I hope that’s the last of the Earthquakes too for awhile.

      Stay well Peter, thanks for letting me know how you’re doing there.!

  11. Woke up to a thin layer of snow here today. I’m longing for warmer weather so that it’s more pleasant when I step outside. What’s with the earthquakes? All of your mustang photos are awesome. I bet your Iris will turn out gorgeous.

    1. A light dusting of snow here too this morning. The wind is calmer too.
      I don’t know why, but things are shifting a lot just now. Manga or some town in Utah with a name like that is having a lot and the one in SLC was a shaker I heard!

      I know you’re prepared, and have strong faith. All will be well!

      I’d like the weather to be a bit warmer so I can at least walk up to the mailbox. Maybe this afternoon I’ll bundle up if it warms up a bit and the wind stays calm. The high today is supposed to be 43 degrees. BRRR!

  12. Beautiful shot, Deborah. I’m sure they were glad to see you. Horses are very curious and social. Not that they would want to come close but a change of scene is right up their alley. Sorry about the earthquake. We had those when we lived in Sonoma and they were a pain for sure. I always enjoyed the swaying chandelier after. Stay well.

    1. Thank you, John! I am hoping that let off enough pressure to last a good long time! I had no idea we were buying a house this close to the fault, but here we are. I don’t even know the name of the fault!

      The horses are so beautiful. They make me smile just thinking about them.

      I hope you and yours stay well too, John!

  13. Glad to hear you’re doing fine in spite of the earthquake and the virus. Here in Fredericksburg things are fairly ok still. We’ve had one case so far, a worker at the hospital. Not of the medical staff, though, and not from Fredericksburg, but a commuter. So far, no more cases. Let’s hope for the best.
    Stay well yourself,

  14. I hope you’ll share it here, too! 🙂
    Have you seen that commercial where the woman is out with her camera photographing wild horses, and there is a scene where one has come up to her and she reaches out to touch her? Happy sigh. I love that commercial. It reminds me of you, and it makes me want to go have some adventures!

    1. That’s only happened to me once, and when I reached out the horse backed away. It did happen to a friend of mine while we were out photographing them one day a couple of years ago. It was amazing. I stood watching and taking photos of it.

      I hope you get to go on an adventure or two or three soon! I hope we all do actually. 😊

      I didn’t draw at all yesterday as it turns out. I looked at it, but didn’t feel it so I read, and watched movies after housework.

      I’ll see how I feel about it today.

      Have you figured out a way to dry your painting?

      I hope you stay well! xx

      1. Thank you, here’s to wellness and adventures for both of us! 🙂
        That must have been amazing. I owned a horse briefly, and it wasn’t usual for him to come to me voluntarily, so how much more magical for a wild horse to do so!

    1. I know right! I knew it was going to be something that was a reality moving into a valley between two major mountain groups, but I didn’t think our house would be this near a fault that’s decided it’s time to let off some pressure!
      I hope that’s it for awhile…a long while!

      Thank you so much, Donna! You stay well too!

  15. I’m sorry to hear that the earthquakes followed you, Deborah. I wouldn’t have expected that. That’s kind of falls into the “just what you need” category, given everything else that’s going on.

    I hope you’re virus numbers stay on the low side. The numbers around us are getting scary, but we’re doing well at the moment. Staying close to home. Maddie is anti-social to the point that we never get near anyone while we’re walking. That’s working in our favor these days.

    Take care. 36mph gusts? Yeah, it’s a good day to read.

    1. Tell me about it! A few people on Nextdoor have been reciting Revelations and the horrors of the end times and other’s are joking about it.

      We haven’t hit famine yet, but with all the hoarding going on we might!

      I hope our numbers stay on the low side too. Another positive story in today’s paper is about one of the couples that were on the cruise ship and were allowed to go home and self isolate. They live in my county. They are out of quarantine and tested negative for the virus! WOOT! That’s wonderful news! They’re well into their 60 or early 70’s. From reading the article I don’t think they ever caught it.

      I woke up to light dusting of snow this morning and it may snow more today. Another senior workout at home it is then. Monday’s workout wasn’t hard, but Tuesday and still today I’m sore!

      I hope you all stay well and are able to continue your walks with Maddie!

      1. I’m finishing up reading a few comments and then Maddie and I are heading out. If you know how dogs tap their front feet in anticipation, that’s the sound I’m living with as I type this.

        Stay safe!

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