Whatever Weds. A Montage

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A really neat feature about the iPhone is it will take images if there are enough of them in a timeframe and create a montage of them in video format.  I love this feature.

It created a video of some of the images I made while in London over the Holiday break.

I apologize in advance for the tilted horizons.  A videographer I am not, but I hope you enjoy the sights around London, Windsor, and museums.

iPhone 7Plus| iMovie

more to come…

65 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. A Montage

    1. We went two days after Christmas. We wouldn’t miss our Littlest first Christmas.

      Your 6s just might do it! Go to your photos app then on the bottom of the page look for For You click that and see what’s been created and curated for you!

        1. 😂😂😂😂 I went prepared for London with an umbrella. Thankfully, I didn’t need it.

          You and Mark Twain could compare holidays – London and San Francisco. Who would be wetter or colder in Summer? 🤣

    1. Thank you, Janis! It’s kinda neat seeing your shots of the month in video.
      If you go to your photo album and look on the bottom of the screen if there is a tab that says For You click it! There are surprises there for you from your iPhone. 😀

      1. Yes I knew really just trying to be silly 🤪 My mobile (cell) phone is ancient (like me) but it can send texts when I bother to turn it on! However it does work abroad unlike Mrs H’s new fangled gizmo.

  1. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing some of these sites in person some day. So far, my only stop on the other side of the Atlantic has been to Ireland, which was beautiful.

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