Whatever Weds. Daybreak on the Pond

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We had 7 inches of snow last Thursday all over Carson Valley!  On Friday a friend and I got up and out really early to catch the sunrise and do some birding.  Before we even made it out of our gate we had to stop at the pond to catch the wonderful color and scene at the pond.

Daybreak on the Pond

The storm blew through really fast, but oh what it left behind is so pretty!

Nikon Df| Nikkor 24-120mm @24mm| f/11|0.5s| ISO 100| PS CC 21.0.2

more to come…

49 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Daybreak on the Pond

    1. Thank you so much, Erica! I’m so happy you get it and can feel, and smell how wonderful, new, fresh, and quiet it was here just then. The snow was fresh and untouched by person or bird anywhere around the pond then. It was a new beginning for the day and I reveled in it!
      God was here just then. It was perfect. As perfect as life can be here on Earth for us Humans. That. That hasn’t happened for me often, but others know what I mean. I have seen that on mountain tops too. Not often, but I have when I am in tune. 😉 There’s…a word more than in tune, or amazing…one I don’t have in my English, or French vocabulary. Wonderful…Uplifing, hopeful, and guided by faith…where is the word for that? I need that word! Perhaps, you’re more in tune and have that word? I know you feel it when you’re out in nature and the world. There’s a word, but it’s beyond my understanding just now.

      1. I am one big goosebump reading your note, Deborah. I do get it. I don’t think we have words to adequately describe this feeling. I have truly felt it only a few times, even though we have the opportunity to go out in nature often. Everything is right with the world. As perfect as life can be here on Earth. Possibly to add, perspective and trust. No words, really. One thing though, is how I could “feel” it in this photo. Thank you for sharing Deborah. 💕

  1. Wow, Deborah!! That is a stunning sunrise! You’ve captured it beautifully! 7 inches!! We have only had one dusting so far this winter but February is often when it decides to make its heavy debut. 😉

  2. Getting up early is something I almost always find rewarding and you won the lottery with this one. This is what I’ll miss in Arizona, so I’ll have to take some trips to Flagstaff or…Nevada. 🙂 Beautiful shot of a beautiful dawn-break. (Had to get a hyphenated word in there.)


    1. I don’t recall Flagstaff being that far from Pheonix and it’s pretty. Lots of pine trees and woodsie feels.
      I’ve never regretted getting up early either.

      Thank you so much, Janet! Safe journey going to daughters!

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